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  1. Btwick

    Got caught in a hail storm

    About forty five minutes south of San Jose California
  2. Btwick

    Got caught in a hail storm

    I can speak from experience. The conditions of this race destroyed me! those rutted out ravines were the worst! i had a fun time though and second in my class aint bad at all. Nice ridin dude.
  3. Is there a difference in power between the 2008 and 2009 yz250f stock exhaust or is it the same hunk of metal?
  4. I went from a xr 100 to a kx 100 and it was a great switch. It improved my skills so much. I tried some trails with my dads 250f back in the day when I was 5'2 and I couldn't even turn without dumping the bike. A 250f is way to much bike for tight technical trails and it would be an overall pain in the ass. But I was only on the kx for like a year and a half. To be safe go with the kx 100 or the ktm 105 but be warned you wont be on that thing for very long.
  5. Btwick

    ADD a Little Low end

    So if a pipe is pointless ,,what are my options?
  6. Hey I just bought a 2008 yz 250f and It seems to have a lack of low end in comparison to my 02 with an FMF pipe. Is there anything I can do to get a little low end grunt.
  7. Btwick

    2008 yz250f

    Thank you so much
  8. Btwick

    2008 yz250f

    Stock Pipe no mods. runs smooth. just need the jet size for 1000 feet above sea level
  9. Btwick

    2008 yz250f

    but that is in comparison to my 02 yz250f w/ an fmf which Im convinced makes a difference
  10. Btwick

    2008 yz250f

    there is an extreme lack of bottom end
  11. Btwick

    2008 yz250f

    Around A thousand feet above sea level
  12. I feel terrible asking this and I know there is probably a question already about this, but I just bought a 2008 yz250f and was wondering If I could get some advice for fine tuning the jetting on this bike. The thing is bone stock except I cut the meshing out of the frame of the air filter. Any suggestions/advice?
  13. Quick question guys. Megabomb with stock silencer, speedy investment or waste of cash?
  14. Btwick

    Yz 250f exhaust

    Hey guys i just bought a 2008 with a stock exhaust and was wondering if anyone knew of any modification that might improve flow.I am gonna hold of on the fmf factory 4.1 for a while and get used to the bike.