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  1. Picked up a 05 yz125 recently and I have noticed it accelerates quite hard but maxes out quickly. It has 13/50 gearing and I was wondering how much of a difference going to either a 13/48 or 14/50 would make, could go possibly taller gearing. Cheers
  2. Would a newer generation crf250x tank fit? If not what modifications would I need
  3. Just wondering if a larger honda crf250x fuel tank will fit a 2011 crf250r without any modifications Cheers
  4. Hello, Well my old 2011 crf250r needs a full engine rebuild and it's going to cost too much to fix, would it be possible to make a 95 cr125 fit the frame, would even a yz engine fit? Cheers
  5. Hi all, My main question is how can I make my 250r more reliable. I have owned it for 2 years and it was spent about 1 year in the shed probably needing new valves and piston rings (i have been putting it off) Will steel valves last longer and work well in the engine? Also, what are your thoughts of me selling it and buying something newer? is it worth it? Cheers
  6. Hi all, Looking to upgrading my 2011 crf250r for a 450, I've been riding for years now and want something bigger for mx. I'm mainly looking at honda's but I'm stuck. I can pick up a 2008 crf450r for about 2 grand or a 2010 for 3500. Which would be more reliable, or should I be looking for something newer Thanks
  7. Cheers Im hoping to sell this one soon to be able to fund another ktm 300
  8. Hi just wondering if anyone could tell me what the valve clearance specs for a 2011 honda crf250r are? I have the service manual but I am still unsure what the clearance spec is. Any help would be great, Cheers
  9. thank you for all the help! All I had to do was replace the o-rings, well for starters their was only 1 and it was very worn so chucked 2 new ones in and that sound has gone. Thanks again
  10. Bought this bike a few weeks ago and just started making a weird sound when revved, hard to explain but I will post a link at the end. Never had a problem like this before only noticed it when I replaced the stock silencer with a FMF powercore 2. Mind the dirt I wanted to record the sound after a ride Any help would be great, Thanks
  11. So I just recently bought a 2014 KTM 300 and I went for about a 2-hour ride and got home, and gave her a wash. Now she doesn't want to start, seems like there is no spark (haven't checked yet) since the bike just kicks over with no sign of life. I also put fuel in which was mixed at 50:1 like the previous owner did. Any help would be much appreciated Cheers
  12. I picked up a 2011 honda crf250r with 47 hours on it and a rebuild. I have only done about 7 hours of riding and the bike feels like I have lost compression and doesn't want to start.The bike also shuts off after about 1 min of idling. I cleaned the air filter as well after my last ride and now the bike backfires when I kick it over. I am only riding in bush and trails and don't plan on racing
  13. So I just brought a 2011 crf250r and I was looking at fitting a bigger tank for bush since 5.7 litres isn't really big enough. I don't want to spend a lot of money but want a tank that isn't too wide and still looks a bit stock. Not sure if this helps but I live in Australia. Since this is my first race bike i'm not sure were the petcock is. would it be hard to add reserve to the bike as well? Cheers Anthony
  14. yeah its stock just want something bigger with a bigger kick that all
  15. Do the newer ktm 250exc's have starter motor issues. like a 2014 model?