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  1. 450RRIDER

    New brunswick canada registration

    Hoo toi tes smart jer acheter sa su la praisse jer vue le gars i me la vendu 300$ so jer pa pris le temp de faire tcheker la frame Thanks for the info
  2. 450RRIDER

    2002 Honda CRF450R broken case

  3. 450RRIDER

    Wiseco piston - Namura or JE

    Ok thanks everyone i will buy a wiseco
  4. 450RRIDER


    lol measure with no shim wow
  5. 450RRIDER

    CRF450R valve setup help!

    Just want to make sure i was alright with that setting its true right you can play + or - .001 its better to have it a little bit tight i guess so i dont have to do them for the next 15 hour
  6. 450RRIDER

    CRF450R valve setup help!

    Hi i just set my valve clearance the gauge on the intake can barely pass with the .006 and the exhaust the .011 pass but more easy than the intake what do you think abouth the setup ? I start the bike he is easier too start the decompressor is at .014 i didn,t try it in the track yet but now but i might have to work on carb a little bit
  7. 450RRIDER

    Wiseco piston - Namura or JE

    Im still thinking about buying a wiseco forge piston with standard compression
  8. 450RRIDER

    Wiseco piston - Namura or JE

    Want put a new piston i my bike crf450r 2004 but i dont know what is the best brand that will last i hear so many thing about Wiseco piston they where not good what do you think ?
  9. 450RRIDER

    Bees anyone?

  10. 450RRIDER

    06 CRF450R Still Bogs?

    Question KRANNIE you said if it goes too high drop the idle with the idle screw again,and repeat . What do you mean by repeat ? thanks
  11. She is better now i drain it a little bit i think she like it
  12. 450RRIDER

    Need help with top end rebuild

    Make sure you put your shims the same place they where they look the same size but they probably NOT could be 0.005 difference that will give you hard time to start your bike again make sure you dont lost them in the crank case. This link can help you http://crfsonly.com/howto/450r/valve-check/450r-valve-check.php
  13. I hate the rain