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  1. Lol not sure what mine is as of yet, but mine didn't have any visible frays either.. But I felt it just pop/snap. Must be in the sheathing lol
  2. Lmao oh i do (did) lube the heck out of it.. Its just been through 3 owners... And its also 11 years old (if its the original) so that may be why it split.. Thanks for the thoughts on getting a throttle set as well haha the TT store sells motion pro on both.. I'll have to find a dealership somewhere around here I guess to see if they sell oem ones..
  3. To my amusement, my clutch cable decided it wanted to divorce itself and separated unannounced. The kicker was, it was during city traffic lol! So it brings me to this topic. I've searched a bit here and google, but haven't seemed to find out what clutch cable brand to go for. Some of my friends swear by OEM and others swear by moose racing or motion pro.. I figure the TT store sells motion pro so that would be the more typical brand to go for. Any one have suggestions or experience with the different brands? Like which will withstand stretching and abuse? I appreciate your time!
  4. So I took the bar items off.. Very minimally bent but so I guess the most of the "feel" was in my shoulder on the ride home after the drop haha I'll stick with these cause I'm too cheap for replacements.
  5. Ahh so these may have the rubber isolators? I read they might have actually just twisted inside the clamps.. So I'm hoping its just that. Thanks for the info I'll have to look em through.
  6. It was a high side.. Went up and over as I was braking for a turn my rear locked and I scrambled to right it catapulted me hahaha it went down on throttle side. The cables are for my radiator thermometer (those start off the clutch hand side). Haha I'll have to take the bar off and try to see if I can somehow level it out and see from there.. I was reading up on the bars as they suggest the 1-1/8" are supposed to be unbendable haha but it feels like the throttle side is bent low by about a half inch or so..
  7. Any suggestion on how to double check that it's the bars and not something else? From what I've read, the darn things are supposed to be farm near indestructible..
  8. Pics below, slid the pig a few Fridays ago, trying to figure out which bars the PO used so I can get the same ones as I believe I bent these LOL. I think they're 1-1/8" from what I can see and pro-taper sticker but I'm not sure if that was from another part on the bike.. As always, thanks for your guys' help!
  9. Sorry for a late reply, been away for a while.. But yes its a pretty solid setup, more modulation space so it doesn't lock up nearly as quick.. But I'd defiantly recommend talking it somewhere you know and with little traffic so you can really get used to it before you take it to a more technical road. This setup is easier to take a big syringe and suck out the brake fluid.. Otherwise you'll be pumping for a while haha
  10. I like the look! Lol only problem is I've got a Yoshimura so it might be a bit harder to get similar looks for me haha
  11. I've gotta ask, are those tool kits opposing your exhaust?
  12. The g26 is a 9mm (or get a 27 and get a conversion barrel for 9mm that way you have 2 different caliber options *that's what I'm planning on) I'm mostly a Sig guy but when I know Israeli's use the g26 so I figure I'll use it as a flight bag or a vehicle gun. You could also take a look sig 320.
  13. I've been looking up and researching on buying some steering dampeners ... After rolling past 75+ she'll sometimes get a wobble, not a death wobble, just something that'll require a bit of attention. (note: I'm running michellin street tires on the SM rims.) and it's only once in a while, for the most part I can top her out at 110 no problem. But is there any known reason why she wobbles every once in a blue moon? I've tried different streets and surfaces and it's mostly random. Might it be from the wheel weights? (balanced 200 miles ago)
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