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  1. Not to mention in the high dez in Ca there isn't any ranchers.....
  2. As I stated I wouldn't ever do that to anywhere in Utah because Utah has open land everywhere and is very offroad friendly SoCal is the exact opposite. Don't you have anything better to do than bitch on the internet?
  3. Theres tons of people at the races that are all for it. I gave Kendall Norman some stickers I got a hold of back in 2014 at the last NHHA race and he was stoked on them. Dude your a pussy thats just how it is I have plenty of people I know in the industry that literally throw these on their trailers and motorhomes. Get a grip on your life and stop being the perfect model citizen that California wants you to be. Civil disobedience is sometimes the only way to change things and moto is getting political again and big names are poaching areas and uploading it to the internet. Its apart of our sport whether you like it or not now go back to sitting at your desk at you're 9-5 miserable while I go build my track i'm opening up living the dream
  4. You are blind, California is not going to get any better and the only way at this point to get are areas back is to use excessive force. You guys are sell out pussies too afraid to take action and change something. If you are actually serious about bringing a gun for motobandits you shouldn't be riding dirt bikes and should be locked up in a mental hospital. They are good guys believe it or not. You are a sheep buying into what the government wants you to believe. I will always destroy BLM property for as long as I can. Btw You'll be seeing me at plenty of races passing your green bar ass
  5. But what motonbandits has been doing has worked! Cutting BLM Fences and putting up those stickers believe it or not has made an impact! California is so liberal that there will never be change. We have to take drastic measures at this point. Through no standard political process in california will we ever see change because of the libtards. Think about how big the offroad community is if we got even 35% of the people in So Cal to do that we would practically demolish BLM and the federal government. Not to mention trump already has defunded BLM quiet a bit
  6. No you don't get it. By doing that we are draining the BLMs resources if we take our land back and tell them to &%$#@! off while draining their resources they will give up...
  7. Another one that I hate seeing out in the Dez is BLM. Those low life pigs have nothing better to do than harass dirt bike riders. I Dont register any of my bikes anymore and haven't for the past few years because all BLM does is use that money to make our riding areas smaller. Look at jawbone for example. Thats why I truly think its time for us to just start destroying as much BLM property as possible. Motobandits is making fake open trail stickers to throw over all the closed trail signs and its really pissing BLM and all the libtards off. I think next we need to start trashing the ranger station at jawbone and start trashing their vehicles. They will not take my riding areas away that I pay for with my tax dollars. Let Commiefornia burn so many rules and so many brain dead libtards.
  8. Dude so typical of them. &%$#@! Elsinore for that reason. Even at Pala I had the same issue where I parked threw up my ez up and chairs and these idiots parked legit 2ft too a 1 1/2ft away from the back of my trailer while I was already boxed in on the front and I couldn't load my bikes or leave and some drunk beaner comes walked up and was like "What do you need foo" and I asked him to move the truck and he made it this whole &%$#@!ing process where he said he couldn't find his keys. So ridicules they have no respect and want everything on their time frame. #MakeCommieforniaGreatAgain #MakeSoCalMotoGreatAgain
  9. I hate going to milestone, perris or elsinore and there just being those trashy mexicans who park way to close to you and have no concept of personal space and are sitting their getting hammered being great examples to their disrespectful juvenile delinquent kids. #MakeSoCalTracksGreatAgain
  10. A new Motocross track is coming to Southern Utah/Cedar City Area!!! Check us out on instagram at @DNCRaceway https://www.instagram.com/dncraceway/
  11. BryceO766

    Opinions on Video

    Thanks guys for all the feedback!! I will defiantly use everyones tips! Also I have been told by a few people this is my best video so far
  12. BryceO766

    Opinions on Video

    There where only 2-3 clips on roads. Who doesnt like doing wheelies down a road everyone once in a while The only people who dont are the people who cant wheelie
  13. BryceO766

    Opinions on Video

    Thanks everyone for the ideas, anyone else is welcome to chime in to.
  14. BryceO766

    Opinions on Video

    Hey guys could you guys give me your opinions on what I could change to make my videos better? Honest opinion and constructive criticism are welcome. Thanks! Top video is the best one IMO