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  1. Yes it will fit. I had an 09 yz can on my stock 12 wr header
  2. XRBrady

    Key Switch or 2016+ WR450F

    Not sure if the keyswitch/harness has changed since the 12 models but i have a shoddy quality youtube video explaining it. The key i bought was plug and play but no fuel light.
  3. XRBrady

    2016 WR450f Sprockets?!

    Ive got a 46 with less than 100 miles on it i'd be willing to let go geared a tad tall for me with a 13/46 would be perfect with a bigger front sprocket but ive already got a 44 that fits my sumo chain correctly.
  4. XRBrady

    2014 wr450f fuel light not coming on

    yes you can. I did it with mine. I'll see if I can find my diagrams of when I did mine it was surprisingly difficult making it work. I needed 3 pins from the key harness and the button. it took me 2 hours to figure it out re pinning wires. I'll try and save you the time
  5. XRBrady

    License plate bracket for late model wr's

    I absolutely love my license plate bracket. https://www.berad-products.com/collections/all
  6. XRBrady

    Got in a wreck

    sorry. 1997 and I don't mind fixing it. I don't figure it'd too hard. I was going to do the clutch over winter break anyways..
  7. XRBrady

    Got in a wreck

    Alright so things have been moving along.. slowly.. but an adjuster came to look at the bike over the thanksgiving holiday and didn't tell the insurance co anything so they had me take the bike to the shop for an estimate. As of 1:00ish today I got the estimate. 2688 and some change to fix everything. I'm willing to bet that they end up totaling the bike. WIll keep you guys posted as things progress.
  8. XRBrady

    Mikuni TM40 help... quick!

    on my tm38 thats been bored to 41mm i believe has 17.5 pilot and 250 main. starts with ease. EDIT xr650l
  9. XRBrady

    Hand guards

    I was extremely impressed with the quality of them. It's crazy how much these companies will charge for a little sticker on something. Just be sure you get them on the way you want the first time lol the hardware is pretty much disposable.
  10. XRBrady

    Hand guards

    I've run these, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005LJGSSS?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00they have survived many hit's and falls and have only scratched, even on asphalt. The hardware is pretty bad quality so get them on right the first time and they should last. Or go to lowes and get some hex head hardware. for 30 bux you cant beat em imo.
  11. XRBrady

    Got in a wreck

    nope. haven't received a call from her insurance yet. getting ready to call and pester them.
  12. XRBrady

    Got in a wreck

    well I know none of my pics have it in it along with the video but a police officer got pictures so I'm not going to risk it. I'll leave it on there. thanks for the idea though!
  13. XRBrady

    Got in a wreck

    Yeah I was super lucky I wore my steel toes that day. It still baffles me how lucky we really were. I looked the best I would at the bolts and they looked good. Everything broke off pretty far away from them surprisingly. I'm just hoping they make it right. That's really all I'm asking for. It really sucks being off the horse for a reason you have no control over. So if they decide to total it out, should I pull my new pro-circuit pipe off and throw the stock pipe back on? And sell the pipe I pull off? What do you mean stand my ground? I'm a college kid and have no clue what to do.
  14. XRBrady

    Got in a wreck

    Well, on thursday I ended up getting in a wreck on my 650l. This girl wasn't paying attention/on her phone or whatever pulled out in front of me and sent both me and my buddy over the handlebars. We both ended up fine and I only ended up with two staples in my leg so it's safe to say we ended up pretty damn lucky. Fortunately I have the whole incident on film from my helmet cam and have submitted it to the police to add onto the incident report. Yesterday I called her insurance and set up a claim because I'm sure she wasn't planning on doing it. Got everything set up and I should get a call monday to see what ends up happening. What I'm worried though is that her insurance is going to: A- Total my bike and not give me enough to replace it / cover medical bills. and B- Not even do anything about it at all. From what I've looked at so far everything looks like it can be fixed. The clutch cover took the impact and shattered like a clay pot (Actually sounds like that in the video) all 11 or so bolts that hold the cover on are still there and it doesnt look like they took any damage. On the clutch plate that holds the clutch on? the one with the four bolts looks like it took some impact but I'm not sure if it's anything to worry about. You can see in the pictures. I'm going to attach some pictures so you guys can help me out and see what yall think. I know for sure i need a new header pipe and clutch cover but what about the other stuff? What should I look for? I am going to put a new clutch in there while it's apart because it was slipping some when the bike would heat up so i was actually planning on doing that this winter. But any input you guys can give on what i should do would help me out so much. Thanks in advance. Also i'm thinking that this isn't the first time this girl's had trouble driving due to the ridiculous bumper on it. Damn did that thing hurt.
  15. XRBrady

    Xr 400 front wheel/rotor/brake setup

    With a quick search on the 270mm I couldn't find any brackets that fit the 650l for the 270mm rotor. on a side note i just sent an email to EBC and we will see what they can do! Really hoping they can help me out.