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    I would get an 18 inch hoop for the rear
  2. rider475

    FOX Podium RC3 stack information

    Thank you! A lot of good info. I sent the shock to Mike Marquez aka Neezer, who apparently is the original developer of this shock for Fox. Mike valved it with Beta code, and bleed shim, and it's the stack posted by Suhoi, and it's a bit stiff, so we gonna replace face shims with .006 (0.15mm) and some of mid compression with .008 (0.20mm)
  3. rider475

    FOX Podium RC3 stack information

    Thank you very much!
  4. rider475

    FOX Podium RC3 stack information

    I'm aware of that, but i took metric measurements, as they are more standard in dirt bike community.
  5. Got a great deal on FOX podium shock, brand new, for 2014 KTM 450 SXF. Modified it to fit 2018 Beta 300 RR, had to remove internal spacers, to lengthen the shaft, installed it on the Beta, and of course it feels too stiff. Does anyone have any experience valving these shocks? Using 5.2kg/mm spring, and i'm 165 lbs. Here is the stack: Compression 41 x 0.2 x4 32 x 0.1 41 x 0.25 38 x 0.25 36 x 0.25 32 x 0.25 29 x 0.25 27 x 0.3 24 x 0.3 22 x 0.3 23 x 0.3 i think these are spacers 26 x 0.3 spacer 28 x 0.3 spacer 40 x 0.2 spacer Rebound 36 x 0.2 x2 28 x 0.1 36 x 0.3 34 x 0.3 32 x 0.3 31 x 0.3 28 x 0.3 26 x 0.3 24 x 0.3 23 x .25 x4 - spacers Thanks in advance
  6. rider475

    Boana programmable ECU available for all FI bikes

    Hi! I am Dmitry, and i have Athena GET on my 500. It took a few tries to make it run good, but it was worth it at the end. I had to purchase Maya programming license, and figure out how the program works (it's not intuitive). Athena USA helped me out a few times to understand the basics. You can change pretty much any injection and timing segments, setup traction control, reset TPS, and a few other items. The biggest problem ended up being stepper motor control. ECU controls it, but all it does a certain lift, without ability for end user to change the parameters. In other words, when i adjusted maps, my idle was at 3K, and i couldn't lower it, unless timing was retarded, or mixture was leaned out. So i plugged stepper motor port, and reset throttle stop with the set screw, reset TPS and it's been working great ever since.
  7. rider475

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    Check your main ground on the frame, make sure you get good clean connection, on my bike frame point was rusty. I also ran another ground wire to the engine directly. If you have jumper cables, use one of the wires from battery negative terminal to the engine, if your bike starts, then you need to make a ground wire and call it a day.
  8. rider475

    Post your Beta video here..

  9. rider475

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    Upper Piru, from Half Moon to Miller Jeep
  10. rider475

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    That looks interesting!
  11. rider475

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    You got the dates wrong, Morgan Hill is in September
  12. I tried Run black wire from the regulator to the frame ground, negative battery cable goes there. Red wire goes to grey/black wire at the starter solenoid, under the seat. Splice it to that wire. Hope it helps.
  13. By rectifier i meant regulator. I have charged the battery first, mine was at 12.8 with engine running prior wiring modification, and after modification it stays at 14V with engine running. I rode the bike for about 3 hours with lots of restarts, and my battery still at 14V.
  14. I got '17 500RR-S and from day one charging system wasn't working right, to the point i thought it was the battery. I installed Lithium battery and it was good for a few rides, and then cranking gotten slower. So i checked charging system, and it wasn't even 13V with the engine running on idle. Long story short, i looked at the wiring diagram, and these idiots ran 3 diodes in parallel after rectifier, as if this system is AC, which is not true, rectifier has diode bridge built in, and external diodes are not needed. So i wired my own wiring directly to the frame ground post, and grey/black wire coming to the starter relay. Now it's charging almost 14V and i'm a happy camper.
  15. rider475

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    Now you're talking!