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  1. drzrobbcanuck

    300rr rear caliper

    Good to know-be sure to post it on the crossovers page
  2. drzrobbcanuck

    300rr rear caliper

    Since the pads are the same as yz/yzf, I would think the caliper would be the same as well.
  3. My factory batt died young, but my replacement batt has lasted 2 years.
  4. drzrobbcanuck

    Beta 250/300 rr Sachs open c forks , shock settings mods etc..

    Same weight, similar terrain, .48 f +15mm shims, 5.8 r sag at 100mm, 5w belray with 125mm headspace in the forks, clickers in about 1/3 from full soft all round. Much, much better than factory! '13 300rr.
  5. drzrobbcanuck

    Injected 2t oil.

    doo synthetic would be my choice-best injection oil on the market-probably not available in oz though:)
  6. drzrobbcanuck

    2015 300RR Spring Rate Chart

    I run .48 front and 5.4 rear: 200lbs naked with good sag at little preload. Ride single track and trails. It's balanced and the front sticks, but the rear feels a little soft: have a 5.8 rear to try but 5.6 would be about perfect for me.
  7. drzrobbcanuck

    Just got my BYOB Beta 500RS

    If what you're experiencing is a weaving wobble, I found that raising my forks in the clamps cured it: am at 3rd line on the forks and no wobble. With a bald rear tire, or aired down low, and forks at the top line, it weaves badly at speed. Another thing to look at is rear sag: betas like about 90-95mm sag; 110mm is too much and takes out the front leading to the weave.
  8. drzrobbcanuck

    Beta 300RR Jetting

    I run 40:1, stock main and pilot, needle dropped one slot. I get no spooge. I trail ride, and the extra oil makes me feel better as I sustain higher rpm than woods riders. Going from 60-40:1 is like 1/2 a jet size. The engine temps are jetting related, and that is the only connection to oil ratios. You're right about oil replacing gas in the jetting system: more oil leans the mix.
  9. drzrobbcanuck

    4t spring rate chart

    Which I believe are the stock '13 2st spring rates--there should be a lot of them out there, I know mine are sitting on a shelf collecting dust ( I went to .48 front and 5.4 rear, and have a 5.8 rear in a box waiting to try-weigh 200 bare).
  10. drzrobbcanuck

    BYOB Questions

    No need for the fan and steering damper, hold off on gearing until you try it, the clake/rekluse are a personal thing, the rest are all good choices.
  11. drzrobbcanuck

    Heck with it, I'm jumping ship....

    Lol!!! Sounds like life in a small town!!!
  12. drzrobbcanuck

    How do you load your bike?

    have a ram 1500, so sort of understand where you're coming from. I use 2 folding 96" long arched ramps: 1 to walk on, and one for the bike-after having used 1 ramp for years, and stepping on coolers and milk crates and whatever else- age? learning? neurotic?-don't know, but the 2 ramps make a hazardous job easy and safe. A tri-fold ramp would have been better for me: ski guides on the out sides and traction bars on the middle: work great for a sled, and for a bike on the outsides while walking up the middle. Never liked the hitch carriers: great idea, but they just look too rickety for me. Can't flip-would be cool, but isn't going to happen:)
  13. drzrobbcanuck

    300RR cooling system - accesories

    I'd keep the t-stat: no downside, only upside unless you need the space as gp did.
  14. drzrobbcanuck

    300RR cooling system - accesories

    your 300rr will not over heat if you didn't overheat a 530exc, even with aftermarket pump. The beta runs cool, has such great low rpm grunt that you aren't revving and clutching all the time, and is so easy to ride that you don't spend so much time getting unstuck or picking it up from the ground. I installed a turkey baster as a coolant expansion tank (drz mod) and it never gets above 1/3 full. I used to ride a drz and only had the fan come on a couple of times in its life, so I am not someone who overheats an engine anyway, but I have never come close to heating up my beta enough to boil- btw, am a trail rider, not enduro or trials, so am not going to test its capacity much at the best or worst of times, but it doesn't come close to needing upgrades.
  15. drzrobbcanuck


    Agreed!The drz is a sneaky fast bike: smooth power, traction and good suspension- too bad it's 50lbs overweight and has terrible ergos. Glad beta is still serious about that part of the market.