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  1. markyjoe

    Las Vegas SX - where to stay?

    Between those two I'd pick Bally's as it is in between a lot of the newer casinos and therefore a shorter walk or taxi ride to the hot spots.
  2. markyjoe

    Las Vegas SX - where to stay?

    Hooters Casino will be open by then Seriously though, whatever you do make sure you have a solid ride to and from the stadium. A cab ride out there is about $40-50 and the line to catch a cab coming back is extremely long. Don't count on limos either unless you really trust the driver. We were stranded at the stadium once when a driver said he would come back for us after the race but ended up flaking on us. Either rent a car or perhaps look into some type of bus ride. Good luck and have fun.
  3. markyjoe

    Air compressor

    Sorry to thread jack, but can anyone print and use this coupon? 20% off at Home Depot is pretty damn good. Kinda looks like you have to have the original though.
  4. markyjoe

    gpr install problems

    I have a V3 on a WR so I'm not really familiar with what you're facing, but I would contact GPR, specifically Joey Swindler, for help. Joey may even read this and write back as he did for me last year when I needed help. He's definitely their best customer service guy. Good luck!
  5. I just received one yesterday. I haven't trail tested it yet, but in the garage last night I tried it. Its a little short and therefore lacks some leverage so I had to stomp on it to break the axle nut loose, but it worked fine and held up fine.
  6. I also had a great experience with them. I e-mailed and asked about a longer pair of straps to fit my calves one afternoon. In less than 24 hours the rep I e-mailed had 4 pairs of various lengths and colors at my door at no charge. Pretty good customer service if you ask me.
  7. markyjoe

    How hard is it to replace rear shock?

    I did it without removing the subframe. I just took the tension off the spring, disconnected the shock from the linkage, removed the bottom spring plates, pulled out the spring and inserted the new one. You'll have to cycle the swingarm up and down until you get the right angle to slip the spring out. Overall a very simple process.
  8. markyjoe

    Source for Acerbis Tanks

    I called the TT toll free number and they helped me out.
  9. markyjoe

    Source for Acerbis Tanks

    Bought mine here through the TT store. $199 and no shipping charge.
  10. markyjoe

    Replacing Rear Spring on 05' WR450

    I replaced mine without taking off the shock. After disassembling the linkage and the bottom of the shock you have to move the swingarm up a little to get it to the right angle and the spring will slide out. Cycle it up and down until you find the right angle.
  11. markyjoe

    Dust To Glory is out!!!

    Just an FYI, I think the movie cost over $1 million to produce and distribute. At the end of the theatrical run they had grossed just under $640,000 (according to imdb.com). DVD sales are the only way they even have a chance of breaking even. If you want to continue to see top notch documentaries produced about the stuff we like I suggest you support the people that are willing to take the risk to produce these films and pay for the movie rather than steal it.
  12. markyjoe

    need help .... front spring removal

    I did this job on my 05 WR450 based on mountainman's advice and it was easy. Didn't remove the wheel or forks from the clamp either.
  13. markyjoe

    Yamaha "Rhino" 660 questions.....

    Here are a few links to Rhino info and forums: http://forums.atvconnection.com/categories.cfm/catid/56.cfm http://utilityoffroad.com/forum/default.asp http://www.blackrhinoperformance.com/c-16-featured-products.aspx
  14. markyjoe

    05 WR450 Breather Hose

    To the best of my knowledge Yamaha fixed this flaw for the 05 and routed the hose to the airbox.