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  1. Mapes S10

    lowered seat

    i am 5'7" and i cut my seat on my R. i cut it about two inches or maybe three. to me it feels alot better than stock not only in swinging my leg over the bike but also sitting down because it is now wider than before. it also only cost me 5 bucks for some vinyl to reupholster it. one of these days i will modify my stock cover so it fits my new seat and looks stock. I also dont think it is an uncomfortable distance between the seat and the pegs now. feels better to me.
  2. Mapes S10

    IMS 4.0 on CRF250r

    i just got off the phone with the tech guy at ims and he had a different answer than the sales guy yesterday. he says it will fit either the R or X. so i said ok and then ordered it. It should be here tomorrow since i live fairly close, but not close enough to drive and get it cuz of traffic. i will let you guys know how it fits.
  3. Mapes S10

    IMS 4.0 on CRF250r

    if they designed to to work without a bracket then it should still be fine? cuz there are other mounting points correct? the guy on the phone didnt seem to know what he was talking about.
  4. Mapes S10

    IMS 4.0 on CRF250r

    I have a 2005 crf250r and on ims' website it says that it will work but the guy on the phone at ims says no. it is the 4.0 gallon fuel tank. he says only on the x model. Anyone know for sure if it will work on my bike. what differences are there between the r and x when it comes to mounting and clearance of the fuel tank? thanks
  5. Mapes S10

    crf250r oil reserve???

    I have heard that the on really long rides the oil will start to run low on our crf's. Is there like an aftermarket oil tank/reserve available that will cure this problem?
  6. Mapes S10

    Seat height

    Dont post much on here, mostly reading but had to post this. I am in Corona too and am 5'7" and i just cut my seat down on my 05 crf250r and upholstered it myself with some red vinyl. the color looks ok but the seat is much better. Where in corona are you. You can come sit on my bike to see if you like the feel of the cut down seat. Mine is cut down about as far as you can go. let me know if you need any help. I can also cut it down for you.
  7. Mapes S10

    New Owner

    Thanks for the help. I have a 125 right now but didnt buy it new so I didnt really know very much about 4 strokes and breakin processes.
  8. Mapes S10

    New Owner

    So I should be ok then when I go take it out for a ride on friday. I wont ride it until then cuz I cant ride it outside cuz it is pouring rain. I was kinda thinking that it was probably burning oil seeing as how that is usually the type of smoke that comes from it but I was still uneasy. This is my first NEW bike so I am pretty stoked but still a little nervous. I willl take it out on fri. and warm it up and go through all the gears up and down. I also checked all my fluid levels today and everything was good. I am going to change the oil after this first ride and then I am going to start doing changes every other ride. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Mapes S10

    New Owner

    I just got a new CRF 250R 2005 and I have started it up a few times. I just got it yesterday and started it up twice for just a few seconds. Then I started it up today and let it idle for about 2 minutes. When I shut it off the exhaust pipe was red hot where it comes out of the engine. There was also a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust when I shut if off for the next few minutes. Like thick smoke, im guessing from the pipe getting hot. Is that normal? I also have a cr125 1999 and it never has done that to me before. I was just wondering because it doesnt seem normal. Thanks.