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  1. Wannamotonow

    RMX250 compared to DRZ?

    Owning both a 03 klx 400r and a 96 rmx there is little comparison except that they are both good trail bikes. Having never raced either one or ever raced period, the rmx would likely be the one I would choose to race. MUCH lighter and easier to slow down comming into downhill corners. I actualy enjoy both and ride both. the klx has been modified and is very strong and yet may be the best trail bike I have ever ridden. Having spent all day ridding 80+ miles on both the rmx is less tiring and perhaps more fun to ride. Would not cosider selling either one!!!!!!!! Long live suzuki trail bikes, they are bullet proof.
  2. Wannamotonow

    Rmx 250

    had a 90 kdx and still own a 96 rmx and love the rmx and never sold it and never will. the best way to describe the rmx is that it is abetter kdx and that is a tough title to give since i loved my kdx. also own a 03 klx/drx 400 and am faster on the rmx and am working on it now to make iot even better.
  3. Wannamotonow

    96 RMX w/pwk jetting help

    ran fine. only problem was after running wide open hard for a couple minutes or so would begin to surge and sputter and run bad w/ pj carb. when half to three quarter throttle for a while.
  4. Wannamotonow

    KEIHIN "PWK" Vs "PJ"

    triumph406. what jetting are you using on pwk in rmx. am having trouble getting my 96 rmx comfortable w/ new mixer. took off pj carb. thanks.
  5. 96 Suzuki rmx. Altitude sea level to 800 ft. florida. fmf fatty, turbine core fmf silencer isde, fmf ram valve, air box lid off. Replaced pj carb w/ pwk from a 98 kx 250.pwk GO96 A1HR. pilot jet 42. main jet 175. needle ia a NOZE. The bike will not idle at all. have to keep the throttle open some to not stall. Smokes terribly. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  6. Wannamotonow

    ONF this past weekend 10-14

    Endless miles of sand whoops, isnt that what florida off road is all about
  7. Wannamotonow

    ONF this past weekend 10-14

    Sorry to chime in but where have you rode, new trails? My son 12 on KX 100 and Me on my KLX 400 rode Friday at Lk Delancy . rode yellow trail south from lk delancy 10 mi. and the brown loop 20 mi. Supper nice day. What trails have others rode on. Want to return again soon.
  8. Wannamotonow

    RMX250 Fan Websites??

    Dirtbiker nice graphics . Ive been trying to get new graphics for my 96. what are on yours, they look good. where did you get them? thanks.
  9. Wannamotonow

    new trails open in ONF

    Rode the new trails at lk. delancy yesterday, with my 12 yr. old. Had a great experience. Being able to ride w/o riding where prohibited was nice. the trails were fairly well marked. rode bottom half of yellow and the whole brown. brown was better. cannot wait till next visit.
  10. my 99 2500 has been a very reliable van 95000 mi. and still going strong. 5.7 and a 4.10 axle ratio. 12 mpg. is weak however. use it as a work van a/c contractor, ladders and lots of cargo. it will pull well. have pulled an excavator on a seriously big trailer no problem. She hauls 4 bikes on an oped trailer well. would buy one again and will in about 2 years when she is spent.
  11. Wannamotonow

    Old State House ORV Trail

    Rode the old state house loop just the day after rights of spring the trail has been graded and was in very good shape. the trail is about 12 miles long and is pretty sandy. had a very nice experience and will ride there again. The loop is kind of short but it does allow a rest and repeat session!
  12. Wannamotonow

    Hells Tate State Forest?

    Have not been there but Please reply if any one has. The rangers at croom say its very regulated/read slow
  13. Wannamotonow

    How much HP. klx est klxr Burned/others?

    Thanks again eddie and 10 guy. Both of you have really made this Bike/Project alot of fun!
  14. Wannamotonow

    How much HP. klx est klxr Burned/others?

    Thanks Eddie. Would going w/ the 435 kit be of much benefit / Still looking for some more power? Anyone have a big bore plus quiet exhaust?
  15. Hot cams in + out. jd jetting. Muzzy full system plus spark arrestor and quiet core to satisfy the eco-nazis. Snorkel removed. Octopus gone. Thanks