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  1. RetroRanger

    KTM TPI wars: Problems vs No problems

    I dont think the tech is in its infancy, sleds usually run behind dirt bikes in technology but Ive owned 90s Polaris' w EFI and 2 stroke w no complaints. Starts and runs easy hot or cold no carb cleaning and once when another sled ran outta gas we filled a bottle using the fuel pump on the EFI machine to transfer fuel to the other sled. That said my current 2 stroke sleds are carbed
  2. RetroRanger

    Things I do when I'm bored

    paint it black and you got a winner !
  3. RetroRanger

    Oil Injection unplugged but not removed

    I understand now. It boggles the mind that in 2018 an OI system is a quality issue. Given the potential for failure i would disable and premix full time, but i would also start shopping for a different bike. For me theres no room for that kind issue on a new(er) machine w relatively old technology. I know apples to oranges but my sons 1980 enticer sled (gear drive OI) and my 97 VMAX sled are problem free and they are respectively nearly 40 and 20 years old and used from sub zero to 50° weather. Its not that hard.. i understand I love the 2 smokes too (shh dont tell TT) but maybe a 4t for dual sport ?
  4. RetroRanger

    Oil Injection unplugged but not removed

    ok but why disable the OI at all ive had various OI systems on different vehicles w no issues no matter where or how hard i ride ?
  5. RetroRanger

    exhaust endcap/tip suggestions for stock pipe?

    i did the same but then i took it to the next level and painted it black !!! looks good sounds good
  6. Your short commute and lack of extended highway Definetly contribute to the rmzs longevity. That tank looks super small how many miles can you go before fill up? my dual sport is a drz400 its fine on a 30 mile commute and good for 100 mile dual sport rides, but it's not a motocrosser or a street bike. It fits nicely in middle. The same way your zuk works for you. I think your bike works well for you because of the way you use it. If you stretched it out more on the road side particularly highway it might not be such a good fit. good post enjoy the bike
  7. RetroRanger

    Exhaust/Header Wrap on Pipes

    Why take the shrouds off? >>waiting on black paint....make it look good.... gonna take a lotta paint !!!
  8. RetroRanger

    Pics from 1986 XR100R Restoration

    Looks great Taylor,, if your friend had not given that bike to you I would say kick him in the nuts no bike bike deserves to be treated like that. Nice work!
  9. RetroRanger

    Anyone used Pennzoil 2 stroke

    ive run it for years in sleds meets tcw3 specs. i use it in non pv apps, oil inject and premix 50;1 sleds, also run it 50:1 in leaf blower, weedwacker and chainsaw, no problems at all i usually get it at walmart for $18ish so thats a good price
  10. RetroRanger

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    I dont have any motor parts to contribute but ill throw in $25 towards the build Erik PM me and i will paypal you the money Jimbo sorry for your loss and thanks for your service.
  11. RetroRanger

    FCR39 idling at 6500 rpm

    is it a new to you carb? have you ever ran it on your bike before
  12. RetroRanger

    Random pics.

    do you have to sit on the bike backwards to start it ???
  13. Its a 25 yo dirt bike if your not as precise as you would like w a dremel it wont matter much the new race will cover any minor imperfection left by agressive dremeling.
  14. try cleaning it up and if you can weld a bead on the race it should slightly contract and you should be able to pound them out...if you cant weld ive scored races w a dremel and then they broke when pounded on