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  1. Yap Yap

    ‘06 RM 250 jetting

    I just noticed in my previous post I said move the needle up, I meant move it down
  2. Yap Yap

    how to tell if your power valve isn't working

    you inspect it
  3. Yap Yap

    ‘06 RM 250 jetting

    Instead of reducing the pilot to remove the hesitation move the needle up (move the clip lower). Also what needle do you have? I ride in sea level, hot dry weather. RM250 08 which I am not sure has same carb. 48 pilot, air screw 3 turns out, NEDH needle on 2nd clip, 168 main. 30:1 ratio It's still a bit rich but I want it this way because I always have it pinned and I don't want it overheating. EDIT: First make sure it's hesitation out of richness, that's why I prefer if you start from something you know is rich and then moving down until it goes away.
  4. I bring them with me in my luggage (spare pistons and gaskets basically). Oil is too expensive to ship. Most general stuff I can find here, like tires, grips, chains. Machine shops are also very common and they can fabricate almost anything for dirt cheap.
  5. Not if the person who did it is not in the US or knows how to cover their butt.
  6. I am usually having my throttle pinned in the dunes though.
  7. I am from PA, don't live there now but that's where I am going back eventually. I don't have to say the truth to get you in trouble. Have you ever heard of swatting? Also why do you have to make it like I am going to be the one who is going to do it? This isn't about me.
  8. You seem not to understand my cause of concern. I don't care about posting my plates on thumpertalk. There is nothing for me to hide here. BUT lets say I am on blue light forum where I discuss my hypothetical drug habits then I would blur my plates. Another thing, lets say I am discussing how corrupt the government is in my dictatorial/corrupt government and then I post a picture of my car, I would blur the plates. Lets say I have an Instagram where I usually post videos of myself evading police or reckless driving. I wouldn't let my plate show there. It's just not to link my online activity to my real life identity. For legal reasons and for security reasons. Most people seem paranoid about blurring because it doesn't take much effort to blur it and have peace of mind. On the other hand I know plenty of stories where people posted wrong stuff online and got into trouble for it.
  9. If I don't like you I can use your video doing a wheelie + your admission online with the licence plate number to report you to the police. They have their discretion but if they don't like you for some reason they can slap you with reckless driving with plenty of evidence. I for example removed the EPA crap and blocked it off on my dual sport, this is a federal offense and carries huge fines. If I post my plates and someone wants to be a dick to me then it's very possible to get into trouble. I am not a lawyer so don't quote me too much. Blurring my plates is too easy for what potential problems I might face if for some reason someone out there wants to get me.
  10. I am not from Yap, I picked this name when I was drunk one day. Just a coincidence. Yap is way nicer than the dusty frying pan I am at right now.
  11. Just don't slip up and post youself doing a wheelie one day because you will regret it.
  12. Are you really from Yap?
  13. Because it links your online activities to your real life identity, which is with all due respect is a stupid thing to do if you care about your privacy. You have shared some political posts before, luckily you live in the US where you somewhat have freedom of speech. Make that mistake somewhere else and you will be tracked down. You might even be tracked down for saying something offensive to the wrong person. It's not as hard as you think to look up your plate.
  14. They do use the ROM method for octane measurement. It's pretty decent gas. It equates to the 93 octane in the US/Canada with (M+R)/2 method. Not exactly race gas but my RM250 manual says: "Use only unleaded gasoline of at least 90 pump octane (R/2 + M/2 method)." "Use only unleaded gasoline of at least 95 octane. (Research method) For other countries " I am using 98 research method just to be safe.
  15. Fuel quality is the best 98 octane at the pump. I was able to get a product sheet for that gas station brand mysterious oil. Apparently it's semi-synthetic and has those ratings: JASO-FD API-TC ISO-L-EGD That makes it good enough I think.