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  1. If you were not able to pre-enter for this race, do not worry there will be on-site registration as well as everything else you need in the event you are not an AMA or AMRA member to get you signed up and ready for round 4 and 5 of the MotoCity Off Road Champion Series. All of the MiniSeries Races will be held on Saturday which is being hosted by CTR. Round 4 gets started off at 2pm and Round 5 starts off at 4pm. - Here is more detail on these races Mini Course – West side of road Parade lap Mini course at 1:45 Mini Course, Race 1 2pm 65B, 50A (40min) 3pm 50B 7-9, 50B 4-6 (30min) Mini Course Race 2 3:45pm 65B, 50A (40min) 4:45pm 50B 7-9, 50B 4-6 (30min) Maxi Course – East side of road No Parade Lap for Maxi Course racers Maxi Course, Race 1 2pm 85A, 65A (45min) 2:55pm 85B, Women’s Beg (35min) Maxi Course, Race 2 3:40pm 85A, 65A (45min) 4:35pm 85B, Women’s Beg (35min) Scoring 5-7, Protest 7pm, Awards 7:30 Round 4 for the big bikes which is being hosted by OCMC is on Saturday with the fist bikes leaving the start line at 9:01am Round 5 for the big bikes which is being hosted by FAST'R MC is on Sunday with the fist bikes leaving the start line at 9:01am Catering will be taken care of by Devine - I hear they have a fantastic and tasty selection of food available, so please check it out. There will be event T-Shirts for sale and an inflatable fun area for the kids to play in, so make sure you bring the whole family. For more information, please see the face flyer - http://amraracing.com/resources/2012/2012-dual-duel-triple-threat-v2.pdf All entrants eligible to receive a $10 Gift Card to Rocky Mountain ATC/MC, please send your name, address, email address and phone number to sponsors@amraracing.com to opt in. This is a voluntary option and you will receive a $10 gift card each race you enter. All other winners may either contact sponsors@amraracing.com for their prize or pick them up at the next race. TBT Suspension Random picked entry $100 gift certificate from TBT, Michael Branham Clean Speed will award to a randomly picked class . 1st place $50 gift certificate . 2nd place $25 gift certificate . 3rd place $15 gift certificate Dirt Tricks 15 50% gift certificates for Ironman sprockets to randomly picked entrants AZ Moto provide gift certificates to the top three winners in two randomly picked classes . 1st place $50 credit on parts and labor . 2nd place 50% credit up to $100 on labor . 3rd place 25% credit on up to $100 labor Steve Hatch Racing will provide 25% discount to the racers who finished in the bottom 50% of their class. This is going to be a great race, so make sure you have the bike, gear, gas, wife, kid/s, friends ready to go and we will see you out there this weekend!
  2. http://amraracing.com/resources/2012/newyears-bash-2012.jpg Event Update http://mim.io/c6b922
  3. AMRA MotoCity Off-Road Series - 2011 Wrap Up http://mim.io/bed831
  4. The course is coming together nicely. It is a real fun course and we have set it up so riders of all levels can ride and enjoy this event. We have thrown some fun things in which includes wood chipper pile which peeps with camera are going to enjoy taking pics at. For the kids, since the feedback from all the parents was positive from the last race, we have used the same mix of course and terrain but just added more length to the course. We think it is going to be the best course to date for the kids to race on. Pre-Entries look good, so if you were not able to get pre-entered, come on out and register on-site - there will be a good mix of levels to race with. Look forward to seeing you all out there on Sunday
  5. -Attention all racers: Please check your points for the year to ensure you got your worker points and your class for all the races are correct. Note: club points (for members in good standing) have not been added in yet. -Officer elections are coming up at the next AMRA competition committee meeting on May 22. Now is your chance to use your ideas and skills to help AMRA grow and become a better organization. Please contact pres@amraracing.com if you are interested in running for a position.
  6. cmckay4

    AMRA MotoCity Off-Road Series Round 9

    Race Update http://mim.io/b7e6e
  7. Update on this upcoming race - you do not want to miss it!!! :cheers: http://mim.io/48ddf
  8. http://mim.io/b7e6e
  9. Race update - Pre-entry closes tomorrow! http://mim.io/6aaae
  10. Round 6 of the AMRA series. We'll be using the long course for this event, which is roughly 12 miles. The course direction will be run the original way, which is oppisite of the November event. Pre-entry is open, sign up now! Pre-entry will close February 16th. http://www.moto-tally.com/AMRA/PreEntry.aspx http://www.amraracing.com/resources/2011/Globe-Spring-2011.pdf For those of you not wondering about food plans for the event, we would like to let you know that the RockStars have commitment from Yoli at Hungry Boyz to be at the Globe race both days again. She has come out to the last couple of races, usually for breakfast, and her food (Mexican and American) - Pre Entry closes on 2/16 - Get signed up now
  11. Fantastic-SHR weekend-clinics/SX/Fun day Clinic-Friday January 14th (3pm to 6pm)-$75 (Working on balance, ruts and suspension) Clinic-Saturday January 15th (8am to 11am)-$75 (Working on corners, line selection and suspension) Or both classes-$125 (Limited # of riders-reserve spot fast) Location all events: Grinding Stone MX park (Stay overnight if you would like) Also included FREE if you participate in one or both clinics: Saturday meet at Phoenix SX at 1:30pm in pits in front of Star Yamaha Semi Ryan Sipes-who Steve Hatch Racing trains, Ryan will walk us through the pits to get a behind the scenes look and information about the Factory bikes and riders (Need to get your own SX tickets and pit pass) Sunday January 16th-(8am to 2pm)-SHR fun day-FREE 6 different-10 minute talks on how to improve (in conjunction with KTM Demo day) SHR products discounted will be available for purchase at event It will be an awesome weekend! Full Roost! Steve Hatch Confirm your spot by e-mailing Steve at steve@stevehatchracing.com -give him your name, Phone # and class or classes you want to attend.
  12. http://www.desertimagecollection.com/
  13. Reminder - Pre-Entry Closes tonight at 11:59PM - save yourself some time and $$$