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  1. clearedforlanding

    Winter project had begun, looking for tips

    Only way to ship suspension cheap case, and thing had made the trek back and forth to FC 5-6 times w no damage to suspension. I'm up in bentonville area, nw corner. I'm looking like black frame, swing arm and wheels, red Hubs... I go a little overboard on my powdercoating but it usually turns out once graphics, seat, and small touches pull it all together. Always a roll of the dice though... Never know until the rebuilds are done. Doesn't sound like powder coating or suspension will be back until late next week though :/
  2. clearedforlanding

    Winter project had begun, looking for tips

    It's an 04. Be doing mostly motocross, suspension is already on its way to factory connection. Was curious if there are any mods out there that everyone has been doing, or if there are any common problems/weaknesses w them that I can address while putting it back together.
  3. clearedforlanding

    Winter project had begun, looking for tips

    That was the last project, turned out pretty well.
  4. Alright, I really enjoy tearing a bike down, especially a two stroke. I have officially started on my first kx ever, always been a Honda and Suzuki guy, even have done a 295 yz. So I need tips. The bike is completely apart and off to powder coating... What are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the kx's? Hot setups? Looking for any good info or suggestions on the build. Sorry, didn't take many pics during the year down stage, here is a pic of when I bought it, halfway apart, and ready to ship to powder coating and factory connection.
  5. clearedforlanding

    my craigslist $400 2001 YZ250 restoration

    Looking good, might as well keep it and start a collection with that little invested in it.
  6. clearedforlanding

    Custom USMC/military helmet

    Yeah, had a friend here in Bentonville AR do it for me, great work, very reasonable. Look up BH Customs Airbrush Studio on Facebook. He is very reasonable, he is usually between $200-300 for a helmet depending on how detailed your idea is.
  7. clearedforlanding

    Custom USMC/military helmet

    Just got my helmet back from the painter, what's everyone think?
  8. clearedforlanding

    Lets see The Rm's

    Yeah, I believe it is. It was the last thing to go back on, put a new oring, spring, and ball bearings in to tighten it up and still didn't catch it, think I was ready to be done! Ordered a 250 starter over the weekend.
  9. clearedforlanding

    Best looking bike contest*************

    2001 RM 250 with a little modern touch with fender/plate and graphics, but a little old school touch with blue frame and engine colors.
  10. clearedforlanding

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    finished complete rebuild/restoration project yesterday. here are some before and afters......bike was sooooo much rougher than it looks in the before pics!!
  11. clearedforlanding

    Lets see The Rm's

    just finished a ground up rebuild/restoration on it...
  12. clearedforlanding

    2001 Suzuki RM 250 rebuild

    few more
  13. clearedforlanding

    2001 Suzuki RM 250 rebuild

    Well I finally finished the rebuild of the 2001 RM 250 I picked up. By no means a huge and expensive restoration to original, more of a rebuild from the ground up to what I think the zooks should look like lol. Here is how the bike started out. I traded a rifle for the bike to a kid on facebook. He was from 12 hours away, but I was taking my family to visit the parents, which was halfway. When I met the kids, the wife and kidos weren’t real excited to sit there very long, so I did something I never do and didn’t really check it over……at all…..from the pictures he had sent and the things he had said during 4 or 5 phone conversations, I felt it was a fair trade. Then the dismantling started and I realized how bad I had been screwed and got burnt on this one. I started to run into issue after issue. I started by dropping the frame and a set of applied triple clamps off at the powder coating shop and got to work on bearings. All of a sudden the bearing kit was not working out right on the shock mount on the swing arm….FIRST CRAZY thing….the swingarm is off a 1998, started searching for a 2001! Next factory connection calls and the shock isn’t a Suzuki shock!!! SECOND CRAZY thing. They never really did figure out what it was off of! Got correct shock sent to Factory Connection. Forks and Shock got the whole shebang from Factory Connection and were headed back. Engine went out to Eric Gorr at Forward Motion and got the 265cc kit with race gas porting….upon inspection found out that the bike needed a clutch basket and plates, also new rod and crank, and out put bearing on drive sprocket….pretty much an entire new engine….woo hoo. Cleaned and rejetted card to fmf specs…we will see if that was the right way to go. Other things add to engine, clutch and ignition covers, new hoses, boyessen rad valve, pipe sent to be repaired and a new fmf shorty. Went to work on the controls and brakes. Started with new protaper countour bars, renthal grips and put on some asv levers, new motion pro throttle housing and sleeve, and new clutch and throttle cables. Went to work on the brakes next. Found front caliper had seized…..everything, bolts broke off…complete mess. Pitched it and went a different route, bought a used crf caliper and master cylinder, rebuilt master cylinder and installed ss braided brake lines. Rear caliper….off of a 1998 ….imagine that. Found a used one off of an 03…rebuilt the master cylinder, installed ss brake lines and new brake pedal with matching shifter. Added a braking oversize front disc and a rear wave disc from braking. Started on plastic, realized the seat base had a broken mount, fixed that and went ahead and put in new seat foam. Also went with a 2013 rmz front fender and number plate while I was at it. Installed some new mx 32 tires and this is pretty much a completely rebuilt rm with almost nothing on the bike not new or rebuilt. Let me know what you think.
  14. clearedforlanding

    Getting closer and closer to having a brand new.. Old rm

    Actually a little of both. Still waiting om the boyessen rad valve, rear brake pads, chain and sprockets, and new seat foam to come in. I actually did an inventory and was thinking the I found a part on the bike that was going to have to be rebuilt/replaced......the seat base!!!! Then upon further inspection, the seat bracket where it attaches to the subframe was cracked, even the seat base ended some tlc......officially can't think of a part on this bike not repaired,replaced, or needed some serious tlc.
  15. Didn't have as much time as I would have liked this weekend, but definitely getting closer and closer to buttoning up this project and kicking her over for the first time.