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  1. familyrider_sno_mx

    Transit or Boxvan?

    I am not in the market for either right now, BUT I can relate to your reasoning for wanting an enclosed vehicle to transport bike, gear, etc. I ride with a buddy that has an extended E-250 and I'm envious every time he rolls up and has his gear hung up, tool box loaded, usually 2 bikes strapped down, power washer ready to wash with 15 gallons of H2O, sleep quarters (small but effective) if needed, etc. It's like he put wheels under his garage and drove it to the track. The one thing i don't like about his is the white pedophile color haha. Good luck with your choice, but if i had to share my opinion i'd go with the transit for ease of driving, parking, fuel mileage etc., but i'm sure you'll loose out on a good amount of space. Post some pics of your setup when the time comes.
  2. familyrider_sno_mx

    ktm50 compression

    Hey Bud, You posted this question in the wrong section...this is under the PWC setction of TT. Maybe the moderator can help you relocate it to the dirtbike sections. If not try reposting. Good luck
  3. familyrider_sno_mx

    Vinyl wrap?

    Soapy water / Windex is your friend! I've had luck soaking down the panel and placing the decal straight upon it (the wetter the better (that's what she said)!). This will allow you to "float" it into position and once you're happy, start from the center and squeegee the moisture from between it and the panel. That's pretty much it in my book. Pic is of my newest #'s. Good luck.
  4. familyrider_sno_mx

    Big Gun EVO R Slip-On

    Provided a little more top end. Great sound, has spark arrestor
  5. familyrider_sno_mx

    Hayden Enterprises Factory Connection Suspension Revalve

    Revalve, respring, amongst other upgrades to rear shock...love it! Will do forks in the near future.
  6. familyrider_sno_mx

    STM Slipper Clutch

    Eliminates a huge portion of engine brake
  7. familyrider_sno_mx

    Riding to deal with stresses. Who else is with me?

    Rode this past Sunday for this exact reason. 2 kids under the age of 2-1/2, single income household while my wife stays home with them, working 50-60 hours a week...top that off with the stresses at work and you have a recipe for disaster that only hobbies like riding can remedy. Even though riding conditions this weekend were sub-par with wet/rutty conditions I still recited the phrase..."a bad day of riding is better than a good day at work," about a dozen or so times.
  8. familyrider_sno_mx

    KTM 450 SX-F 2004

    Just bought it and need a bit more seat time before I write a review
  9. familyrider_sno_mx

    KTM 450 SX-F (2004)


    Just bought it and need a bit more seat time before I write a review
  10. familyrider_sno_mx

    Seal Savers Fork Seal Protection

    ^^^Agree. Have them on my bike now and like them.
  11. familyrider_sno_mx

    Got offered a 2004 ktm 450 sx

    Did you ever wind up going ahead with the trade? Any updates? I just purchased an '04 and I'm new to team orange as well. Thanks.
  12. familyrider_sno_mx

    ERGONOMICS: Making Your Bike Fit You: Part One

    Troy, Any update on your new risers you mentioned above? I'm in the market right now and could use some feed back from a fellow 6'5"er. Thanks.