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  1. StevenJ128

    Best Motocross Video!!!!

    Yeah, I was about to say, I could rival you as far as being an Alice in Chains fan goes, and I know that to be Nutshell. This is my first time back at Thumpertalk in a couple of years. Hearing my favorite band on top of a badass video affirms the crazy thought that I really need to get back on a bike. Damn you college. Great post.
  2. Top 10 stupidest things I've ever seen.
  3. StevenJ128

    Monster Mountain on the 08 yz

    I can't imagine it's much more than 2 hours. I think I'm transfering to Bama for next year also. Roll Tide.
  4. StevenJ128

    Barber Motosports Park in Birmingham AL

    I went to the first AMA national there a couple of years ago. It's an awesome place. I didn't realize they're building a motocross track. That should be really cool. Hopefully, that won't get screwed up like Moto GP did.
  5. StevenJ128

    anyone know what happened with tyler evans?

    I got an autograph and picture with him at the Atlanta Supercross a couple of years ago. He seemed like a pretty cool guy, anyway.
  6. Village Creek is pretty fun. I've never been to Three Palms, but have heard a lot about it. Nocona has some of the best dirt I've ever ridden on, but the track could be a little better.
  7. StevenJ128


    It took a little while to get used to and grow into them, but now I love them. I had to ride without them yesterday, and I felt naked. It's deffinitely a good investment. The only downside is that they tend to be really hard on your graphics, but replacing graphics is less painful than repairing an acl.
  8. Did you mean "knowledgable" instead of "negligible"? Rebuilding every fifteen hours isn't necessarily necessary, especially if you're not riding it extremely hard. I'm sure I need to, but I have never rebuilt my top end on my '04 YZ250F, and I have put lots of hard hours on it.
  9. StevenJ128

    shifting up while standing up..... grrrrr

    You don't lift your leg up to shift up. If you take the weight off of a peg, it's going to throw your bike off balance. You also can't grip with your knees with a lifted leg, which is going to make the balance situation only worse.
  10. StevenJ128

    shifting up while standing up..... grrrrr

    See if adjusting the shifter helps at all. Then, just practice. Force yourself to stand up on straight aways. You'll get much more used to it the more you practice.
  11. StevenJ128

    Arena Racing In South Dakota

    That's a hell of a lot bigger than any arena I've ridden in. Looks pretty cool. I can't imagine -32. My truck just said it is 68 outside. It's a little chilly today.
  12. StevenJ128

    Tapping rear brake to get front end down?

    He's also pushing down on the handlebars. I'm sure it's nice, but I don't think I have ever, in my years of riding, used the rear brake in the air.
  13. StevenJ128

    Headphones / Earbuds Suggestions

    I have a nice pair of Bose in-ear headphones. I didn't use them to ride, though. They don't block out too much noise, and they sound GREAT! There's a lot of bass for a set of ear buds. The only problem is that I've had them less than 6 months, and already one side has become much more quite than the other. Again, I don't know about riding with them, though.
  14. StevenJ128

    Mouth piece while riding?

    I've never thought about it, it's kind've an interesting idea. I'd like to hear how it turns out from whoever tries to ride with one.
  15. StevenJ128

    What safety gear is neccesary?

    Obviously, you'll need a helmet, boots, goggles, and gloves. I wear a chest protector with a cheap, football neckbrace rigged on (did it before all of these Leatt things came out, that might be my next investment). I also wear knee braces, and strongly recommend them. They feel goofy as hell at first, but after you get used to them, you won't ride without them. Also, a lot of new riders underestimate the necessity of boots. They come second only to the helmet. Trust me, after you case your first jump you'll be glad you had them. I've managed to badly sprain both my ankles at the same time with boots, I can only imagine what would happen without them.