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  1. Relay showed up today, pulled the old one out, plugged the new one in, turn signals work mint now. Can't believe it was such a simple fix, should have consulted the forums sooner, instead of wasting my time messing around with it, thanks to everyone that helped.
  2. what did the drc edge 2 and the board upgrade cost do you remember? I think I looked at it but it was pretty expensive
  3. does the drc edge 2 have integrated turn signals?
  4. Since mine is an E model it doesn't come with signals from factory so the previous owner who installed the signals used a 2 pin relay so I ordered the one Yanka sent....due to arrive in 2 days I will update the forum to see if it solves the problem
  5. thank you so much, yes this is the first time I have put LED signals on this bike, I just had the standard filament bulbs on before. I had a spare motorcycle battery around and ran a wire from the positive and negative on the battery to the positive and negative on the signals and they worked fine. I have a relay for LED signals coming in the mail now so I am hoping that is the problem.
  6. ok I was able to get the graphic of the wiring for the new tail light off the website, and also made up a bad graphic for the old system to help explain the situation (don't mind my bad Photoshop skills) so heres the problem. naturally I connect blue to blue for day running, red to red for brake light, and black to the three black for the negative since the new system only has one and the old has 3. Last of all connect the yellow to yellow and the other yellow to yellow and red. the running light and brake light work fine, however the turn signals will not turn on at all. I am a fool when it comes to wiring so if anyone can shed some light on the situation by all means at this point I will accept any advice
  7. Hey guys, recently my taillight on my DRZ 400E broke. I bought the bike with a street legal conversion and the tail light I bought it with finally cracked and stopped working. The tail light also had turn signals attached to each side, like a all in one kit kind of thing (also had a massive ugly wale tail). Because I had no idea what kind of kit it was (some ebay off brand I would have to guess) I ended up finding a LED system on amazon for a decent price and buying it. Overall I am happy with it, as I have wired up the running light, brake light, and license light....only problem is, my old system each turn signal had a positive and a negative wire running to it. With this new LED system, each turn signal only has a positive wire running out. I tried hooking up the positives from the old system to the positives on the new system and just letting the negatives go, and the signals didn't blink at all. No matter what I do I can not get these dang LED turn signals to turn on at all....What am I doing wrong? Im pretty electrically challenged so maybe I am just missing something....
  8. As of today, the chain and both sprockets are off When taking the rear sprocket off, one of the nuts got super stripped to the point where it's almost this something I can replace at the hardware store or should I go to Suzuki and get a replacement for this specific location?
  9. I did read the loctite fixes....from what I understand you don't loctite the nut on but you loctite the splines on the shaft under the sprocket? Correct me if I'm wrong
  10. It's a 30mm Scotts power sports wanted to charge me $92 for a similar chain tool that the one sent in the link earlier
  11. Anyone know the size of the counter shaft nut? Its a little bit bigger than the biggest socket I have in my set, which means I am buying another tool
  12. Seeing as I'm scrapping the sprocket anyway maybe I could wedge a piece of wood in there to keep it from spinning
  13. is this an actual danger?
  14. I am a dummy....why did it not occur to me, to put the dang thing in gear
  15. Is the CS nut something I should have loosened when the chain was on and I could hold down the rear brake? I am sorta in a pickle now because I cant loosen the cs nut because I had to cut my chain in half with a dremel and the sprocket just spins now...any tips to how I should un-pickle myself?