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  1. Dmouse

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    I'm always cranky in the morning! I suppose when you go to sell your bike, having a clean looking 3x3 is a positive thing
  2. Dmouse

    Brake Squeal

    I think I have EBC on there now. You're saying you changed your pads with OEM, and then developed the squeal?
  3. Dmouse

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    Yeah, when the mice get in their to make a home, they won't have to look at an un-finished, jagged cut
  4. Dmouse

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    Nice footwear... idiot!
  5. Dmouse

    Brake Squeal

    My 03 E is doing the same thing. The last time I had the front wheel off, I cleaned and scuffed things and it went away, but only briefly. I'm just gonna put up with the noise until I get new pads at some point this summer, gonna go with OEM
  6. Dmouse

    Drive Shaft Oil Leak

    I recently replaced my seal and o-ring, but I also replaced the metal bushing/spacer when I did it, the leak stopped.
  7. Dmouse

    Seating options

    From what I've heard, SeatConcepts just came out with a seat that has a wide platform towards the rear. Otherwise, SC has their standard replacement seat, which is wider than stock to begin with
  8. If you're on a tight budget and have never road in dirt, I would try and get by with what you have and make sure off-roading is your thing before you go spending big bucks on gear. I also have a DRZ, you picked a good bike to get started on. I also spent a good part of my younger days living out of my van with a bike inside, traveling the country, getting temporary employment here and there... a young mans game
  9. As long as you're not wearing flip-flops and shorts, anything will work. The new adventure helmets are cool, and it would match your bike. Hope your bike isn't brand new, chances are you'll drop it a few times learning the ropes... good luck!
  10. Dmouse


    Amusing... they legalized pot here too, I'm glad but wish I was younger, I'd be a lot more glad
  11. Dmouse


    40years ago when I was growing up, there was no crime here either. You could leave your doors un-locked and leave your car keys in the ignition, now not so much
  12. Dmouse


    Does NovaScotia have many crime problems? have never been
  13. Dmouse


    Yup, I've been driving cargo vans my whole adult life, can't beat them for practicality
  14. Dmouse


    When I was younger, I traveled many times all over the country with a bike in the back of a cargo van that I also slept in. If someone looked in to see what's inside, I was in plain sight and was never bothered. This was 30years ago, not sure things are quite the same as back then
  15. Dmouse

    Brake Fluid Steaming

    If you have hand guards, make sure one isn't making contact with the brake lever