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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. Nice to know I can build a set of wheels that will transfer over to a newer model!
  2. I currently am still riding my '07 WR and am in the process of freshening it up with new plastics, graphics ect... I've also been thinking about lacing up some new black rims to the stock hubs to replace the battered oem excels. I actually like the stock odo, so my plan is to keep the stock hubs rather than going aftermarket. With that said, I would like to get another year or two out of this bike and upgrade to a 2016+ model. Does anyone know if this new generation still uses the same wheels/hubs? It would be nice to be able to swap them over when the time comes (If they're not to beat up by then) If they will interchange I may just look into finding another set of stock hubs so I can have a complete xtra set instead rebuilding my original set and then I could sell it with the stockers.
  3. Good to hear from you John. Heal up...we'll see you on the next one!!!
  4. Here is one of my favorites. It was taken in Needles on our way back to San Diego on one of JAT's Cancer Rides a few years ago. This ride was just a little under 1000 miles, riding from San Diego to Las Vegas and back over 5 days. There was minimal pavement but when 8-10 plated bikes ride by the CHP station your probably getting pulled over!! One guy didn't have his M1 so he got a ticket but the rest of us were good to go!! I was the last in line so I decided to pull my camera out real quick and this is how it turned out!!
  5. Hey John!! did my pic look familiar?? You were there, but just ouside the frame. How are the ribs?
  6. Yeah I know it sounds lame, but after starting the thread "Pics From the Saddle" of my WR http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/998833-pics-from-the-saddle-of-my-wr/ we got to see a lot of really cool pics that we seldom see. Now that the "Selfie" is an everyday word, and we all know we take them, why not post 'em up so we can see who's on that bike!! Here's one from Baja. Sorry about the KTM's in the background!! I'll try not to let that happen again!!
  7. Here's a couple from a Baja ride I did in September. These were taken along the Pacific coast somewhere between Ensenada and San Quintin.
  8. Nothing special........just the stock Yamaha headpipe and guard.
  9. No way that 1 1/4" receiver is rated for that type of load with an adapter. Hitch haulers exert a lot more leverage than a typical trailer. You need to replace that hitch with a 2" receiver and be careful while on the road because you will notice a change in handling with all of that weight hanging off the back.
  10. I sent my stator to Baja Designs for the ground float (about $30) and bought their regulator/rectifier. I've been running this setup for over 2yrs and it has been great. I run the Airtime HID http://jatproducts.com/ and the increased lighting is awesome. I would highly recommend this setup to anyone looking to do some serious night riding.
  11. My last two bikes have been WR's and they have been great desert bikes after some suspension work. I have also ridden some 450X's and agree they are good in the desert but its not like they are the only bike capable of winning in Baja. Honda just happen to have some of the best riders and provides the most support. There is no reason why Yamaha (if they wanted to) couldn't take the new WR and make it work for Baja. Yes the new model seems to have some different geometry but its certianly a capable bike in the right hands, plus you wouldn't have to worry about reliability!! I would love to see it but wouldn't hold my breath.
  12. Start by checking your battery terminals and the fuses. I sent my stator to Baja Designs and they floated the ground for 20 or 30 bucks. This mod along with their regulator/rectifier allows me to run my HID, dual sport kit and GPS with no problems no problem on my '07.
  13. I agree.....Johnny knows his stuff!! I highly recommend his light to anyone looking at doing some night riding. http://jatproducts.com/ It's hard to explain to someone until you take them on a ride with their stock light and then you come up beside them with your HID with the high & low on Ask me how I know
  14. There's alot going on on the bars!! Starting from the left you can see the Tusk dual sport switch. The little red button mounted on the clutch perch is my (PTT) "push to talk" for my helmet radio. Next is the kill switch and the blue connector is where the helmet radio harness plugs into the PTT. Of course there is my Garmin GPS and Scotts damper. You will notice the Scotts is backwards because I also use it on my other bike which has the Sub-Mount. The other side of the bars is pretty open compared to the left. The On/Off switch is the master switch for my HID, but I removed it to eliminate another source of failure and now rely only on the two toggles mounted on the back of the headlight for Hi/Lo. The last switch is the standard OEM start switch.
  15. That bike looks great! I like the look of the previous gen headlight on the new bike.
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