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  1. asmith

    kx125 hp

    Around 35hp. Change your engine oil every 3-6 rides, depending how hard you ride and how hard you are on the clutch. It holds .70 litre.
  2. I've heard bike engines don't work well for quads b/c of the vibration. That's why you don't see many YZ250, CR250 etc engines used. My question is what makes the vibration of a bike engine worse in a quad chassis than in a bike chassis???
  3. asmith

    My KX250 restoration

    Nice restore. That's a '92 though, not a '93.
  4. asmith

    Tusk Clutch Kits

    If you're a clutch abuser, you will not be happy with Tusk. The fibers swell terribly. Worst I've ever seen. If you're looking to save money, you might buy the Tusk kit and use the springs and steels, then buy OEM fibers. You still come out ahead vesus all OEM!
  5. 04 KX125 (new leftover)
  6. Some minor wear from the springs is normal. Unless it's severe, i wouldn't worry about any breakeage happening.
  7. asmith

    6x12 Enclosed Trailer Price?

    I got a Haulmark 6x12 (barn doors) with raised roof and DLX package for $2350 OTD through Hill Equipment Sales. They sell on ebay. I picked-up and paid right at the factory in Elkhart, IN. That was the best deal I could find, the same trailer through local dealers from their stock would go for close to 3 grand.
  8. asmith

    MCR or FAT Maax?

    http://www.fatmaxracing.com has all their contact info.
  9. asmith

    MCR or FAT Maax?

    I've used both. Another vote for Fax Max here. Both performance and customer service.
  10. asmith

    Suspension tuning in the Detroit area

    I'd use Fat Max Racing in the Northville/Plymouth area. They do great work, and you can also drop off your whole bike like you want to. Turnaround is usually pretty good too. www.fatmaxracing.com
  11. asmith

    Homemade Wheel Truing Stand

    Sorry, no pics. Yes, the threaded rod works as a longer axle. I use the size that is closest to the axle diameter. Any tube or piece of bar stock would of course serve the same purpose. Once I get the wheel laced and rough-trued, I take the allen key (just b/c they're straight and handy) and hold it against the jackstand and spin the wheel and can see where I need to do my truing. It's not the perfect setup, but I get pretty good results this way, and it's free.
  12. asmith

    Homemade Wheel Truing Stand

    I use 2 jackstands and a piece of threaded rod. For the indicator, I use an allen key and do it by sight. Works pretty well.
  13. asmith

    110 octane race gas price?

    For Sunoco 110 purple leaded I pay ~ $4/gal at the pump. 2 local gas stations have it, so I don't bother buying a barrel. I can't believe it's still so cheap!
  14. asmith

    Building your own track

    $20k on a dozer, plus ongoing maint (not cheap). Pretty decent SX-style track on 2 acres, but getting ready to close 'er down because it takes too much time and work to keep a decent track. When I'm racing/riding on the weekends, I only have time during the week to work on my bike and do other chores, not enough time to fiddle with the track, let alone find the time to actually ride on it. Having your own track sounds good on paper, but be ready for the work if you want to have something decent.
  15. asmith

    Enclosed trailer flooring

    I love the aluminum diamond plate. I little pricey, but well worth it.