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  1. CaptainJ

    Washington Walker Valley - 5-19-2013

    Small section of our ride on Meaderings after logged out. Pretty ugly looking. Near head-on too.
  2. CaptainJ

    Torn Rotator Cuff

    I had a torn rotator cuff for about six months. My surgeon knew it and told me just to have a good summer and do what I want to do, then fix it in the fall. I did that last September 10th. They did both scopes and opened it up. One to repair the cuff which was really torn due to bad bone spur, and they also cut off the spur. I just started working out again with heavier weights last week of December. Not what I used to do yet, but the key is move it as soon as possible. My surgeon had me doing pulley exercises about two weeks after surgery. He said in about two weeks he would like to see me have my arm above my head. I did it. Also, follow your physical therapy routines at home. Don't give in even one day. Stretch, as much as you can allow without too much pain. The more you move it the better. I'm 54 and ride all the time. I'm looking forward to riding again in the next month or so. Of course start out slow I wish the best for anyone who has it done. I really need to do my other shoulder, but want to get back to life for a while.
  3. This is just a short ride with music, only 3 minutes. Just wanted to show you the difference between me and the kid. He's the one at the end. I Know ... you don;t like music with yer videos. Well here goes. It's a cool song.
  4. CaptainJ

    I need me some kibblewhites

    I have had alot of work done on my head for my CRF250X from Randy at www.fastmannracing.com. He's the owner. He's a great guy to talk with and while you may have to ship your head off to him, he is always very quick to get the job done and flow test as well. He suggested that I put an 08 head with stainless valves on my 04 bike and it really made a difference.
  5. CaptainJ

    First GoPro helmet cam - Walker Valley

    It is HD. I used Windows Live Movie Maker. Not sure about the music getting past anyone. This is my first time. I just know it took along time to load. I used the last version of YouTube before their update. You can choose right now. Like everyone suggested so far though, I think they really are better without music. Next time I make one, it will be without.
  6. CaptainJ

    First GoPro helmet cam - Walker Valley

    It's the Hero . We got it on sale at Sports Authority for 200. We got a 16 gig SD Card for it. It looks like the battery would run down long before you fill up the card. Otherwise it will take a 32 gig. Thanks
  7. CaptainJ

    First GoPro helmet cam - Walker Valley

    Well Taken. Like I said, its the first one. We usually use Easy Grade, Jam and Meanderings to warm up to the top. I know what you mean about quads and their riders. Been bumped a few times too. I guess that's another reason to stay off the quad trails and go ride the single track. Thanks for your input. Next time we hope to have some up there from higher trails and we'll try and leave the music out. I looked at this video thoday and was totally impressed. There's someone who really knows how to use the gas and not the brakes. Great Video..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGGfz0pLSK4
  8. These are obviously not the technical trails at Walker, but just wanted to show our first GoPro cam at Walker. Hope you like it. CaptainJ
  9. CaptainJ

    Jones Creek Black Bear

    Anyone ever see any bear at Tahuya?
  10. CaptainJ

    Washington Tahuya - Howell Lake Loop

    I haven't been to Tahuya since last summer, but was wondering if the howell lake loop is all open now. We usually try to access it through the horse camp. As well, we mananged to find an alternate route to the trail, but they were working on bridges at the time so we could not complete the loop. Thanks, CJ
  11. CaptainJ

    Throttle Cable Routing

    Thanks, I'll take a closer look. If anyone ever gets some pics though, it would be nice to see those too.
  12. CaptainJ

    Throttle Cable Routing

    I searched through the threads hoping to find some pics of throttle cable routing from the housing, through the frame and to the carb. I just replaced both my cables and for whatever reason they seem to be sticky. Can someone please post a few pics of your routing? Thanks
  13. CaptainJ

    valve shim cups

    They must have thought that was a pain. It's hard enough to get the transmission fluid in there with the correct bottle.
  14. CaptainJ

    valve shim cups

    Correct side of motor?
  15. CaptainJ

    Walker Pit

    Hopefully that's just because it was a long weekend. We've all seen it like that before, but it may have been more because of the holiday. As for those who ride quads, please stay on the trails designated for you. I was up there once with my son and caught a couple of guys trying to pull a yellow post out from a trailhead with their quad and chains. They stopped when we caught them and told them that those were there for a purpose.