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    Stuck and can't find this part!

    you might be able to tap those out (if u are lucky) without cracking the case. the best way is to split the cases, and press them out. i assume honda uses an adhesive in there, and tapping them out with a punch might be risky.
  2. kuritaro9

    Stuck and can't find this part!

    yep, they are part of the case, but if you are lucky, you can find a busted case on ebay for cheap, and swap out the one thats broke. going to have to split the cases to doi it though.
  3. wow. beautiful bikes. i have a soft spot for anything from HRC and Mugen. Showed these pics to a japanese buddy of mine, he also rode for HRC and had Mugen support with the motoroman team here in japan. he def. enjoyed them.
  4. I'd just like to let everyone know that GPR is one of the best companies i have EVER dealt with. long story short, i bought a stabilzer for my cr250. found out the the bar mount would not fit the HRC top clamp and the nut wouldnt fit the stem i use. i called GPR and spoke to Randy Norman, and he offered to build me a bar mount for free if i sent him my top clamp. 3 weeks later, and im back up and running with my new stabilizer in Japan. just wanted to give some praise for the awesome customer service. its very rare these days for a company to take care of people like that, and its nice to know that there are companies in our sport, that know how to do it right. I would highly recommend GPR to anyone... definitely some very cool people to deal with.
  5. not a Rep. im a military contractor in japan brother. just thought that they handled everything pretty good. i also dealt with applied racing at the same time because i am using 49mm works forks, and looked into having them make me a set of clamps so i could run the stabilizer. after i told John Duffy at applied what i was needing and what wasnt fitting my clamps, he suggested contacting GPR, and seeing what they could do before i went ahead and bought a new set of clamps from him. turns out the HRC stem is the same as a YZF, and they went ahead and either made or found some mounts that would fit the 104mm center to center bar mounts that HRC used. stock honda is 106mm. as far as im concerned, both of those companies were top notch... GPR didnt have to get me the mounts, since i ordered one for a stock honda clamp(assuming the HRC one was the same) and applied could have just sold me a set of clamps i really didnt need without suggesting that i contact GPR first. being in Japan, i have to do everything through the usps snail mail, so it can be a pain in the ass to deal with orders that dont work out like you had hoped, so it was great IMO, that these 2 specific companies took the time to hook me up, when they really didnt have to do any of it. sure, i could have just returned the stabilizer, but i would rather keep it and see if i could get it to work on my set up.
  6. kuritaro9

    3rd gen. frame swap

    you will be able to use the older swingarm which allows you to keep the larger rear caliper, but you will need the newer master cyl. also, the linkage was slightly different, but will work.
  7. kuritaro9

    never seen one, have you?

    no such thing as a cr250(special). i would have to agree with YHGEORGE that its a stocker with some aftermarket parts thrown on. as for the forks, honda doenst do any suspension building, that was farmed out to . you will be able to tell instantly if they are special by a dark bronze coating on the upper fork legs and shock body. the lowers would either be Ti coated in gold, bronze or black (DLC coating) on both the forks and shock. sounds like someone just added some flash to the bike to sell it by saying (SPECIAL). still a good find if its in great shape...snap some pics and post them up.
  8. kuritaro9

    Junk 92 thru 07 CR250 clutch basket needed

    i have one i think. let me dig around the garage a bit. send me a PM, and ill let you know what i have. if i still have it, it will still be in useable condition. i got rid of any junk parts i had laying around except for a few cylinders.
  9. kuritaro9

    2002 + brake pedal for 00-01' cr ?

    i ran into that issue when i swapped out frames on mine. i had a really nice HRC brake pedal for the 01, and tried to use it on the 02-07 frame, but the angle it caused the shaft to sit at made the brakes not want to work. i didnt catch it at first, and after rebuilding the MC and caliper, i saw that the plunger was sitting at an odd angle. put the stock 03 brake lever back on, and it worked like a champ.
  10. kuritaro9

    2000 Cr250 plastic conversion HELP!

    its actually a very easy swap on the 00-01 frame to the newer body style. just depends on how clean you want it to look. same with swapping a 01 engine into a 02-07 frame...
  11. kuritaro9

    2000 Cr250 plastic conversion HELP!

    you can also cut off the side pieces on the rubber pad. it only sits on the center portion with that tank, on that frame.
  12. kuritaro9

    2000 Cr250 plastic conversion HELP!

    for the tank, u can heat up the sides and push it into the cradles if you arent getting a good fit. mine dropped right in with a slight push. then on the underside , above the plug, i used the heat gun and pushed it in a little to aid removing the plug. you dont need to do that though. u can also run a shorter plug. also on the tank, i used some clear graphics on the inner spars to help stop any chafing where the tanks sits...
  13. kuritaro9

    2000 Cr250 plastic conversion HELP!

    it looks the same as the one i have. judging by the top of the airbox and how it sits in the subframe, looks like you dont have it in properly. all of the holes should line up. th 2 8mm bolts in the front and the 2 that meet the rear fender/subframe will all line up. the only thing that doesnt is the lower side panel bolt.
  14. kuritaro9

    2000 Cr250 plastic conversion HELP!

    You can see the 2 hash marks. that is where the tab needs to be located. you can either move it, or make a standoff like i did for the shrouds.
  15. kuritaro9

    2000 Cr250 plastic conversion HELP!

    the lower mounts on the subframe have to be moved in order for it to fit. the seatbolt holes will line up, but without moving the lowers, it wont line up. you can either cut them off and relocate, or make a standoff mount from the existing one. if you do the shrouds as well, you will need the 02-07 tank, and make a similar stand off for the rear lower shroud bolts on both sides.
  16. kuritaro9

    Radiator swap

    not sure if they will swap. but here are some new ones for a good price... http://www.ebay.com/itm/winner-aluminum-alloy-radiator-Honda-CR125-CR-125-R-CR125R-2-stroke-2000-2001-/260898778191?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item3cbec76c4f#ht_1391wt_1514
  17. kuritaro9

    01' CR250R Compression 185 psi

    i would, at the very least pull the reed block to get a look at the intake skirt. the crack will be evident if its starting. i have had numerous hondas from 96 up to a couple of 01's in varying degrees of tune, and one thing i can say is, all of them that had the stock cast piston in them developed the crack eventually. and i would consider myself way above anal when it comes to maintaining my bikes. its just the nature of the beast. when the stock rings get worn, it allows the piston to rock a little in the bore, thats where the crack comes from. if you think you are ok with it, rock on, but if it were me, i would at least take a peak to see what im working with.
  18. kuritaro9

    stator cover question

    looking at the fitment specs, it looks like 88-07 will fit the 125's. https://www.denniskirk.com/boyesen/factory-racing-ignition-cover-black.p200577.prd/200577.sku
  19. kuritaro9

    stator cover question

    ah, i should have read more. didnt realize you needed it for a 125. im not sure up to what year would fit. look at the gasket part numbers, and that will give you a good idea on what would fit.
  20. kuritaro9

    Can some one ID the year model of this bike for me???

    have him take pics of the head tube and engine plate so you can research the numbers. dont the stateside hondas have a year sticker on the head tube as well?
  21. kuritaro9

    01 CR250 Carb swap - intake boot size?

    those are correct part numbers. the problem with trying to stick a kehien onto a mikuni air boot is, the lips are different shape. if i remember right, the mikuni is a half moon shape while the kehien is more of a peaked type. it can be made to fit with some trimming, but to make it perfect, its better to just order the 2000 air boot, so you dont run the risk of a leak. are you positive that you bought a 38mm PWK? the size difference was very slight when i was doing my conversion. later i found an old PWK boot i had and used it instead, but the kehien popped right in without any trouble.
  22. kuritaro9

    stator cover question

    all of the aluminum covers up to 2001 will fit.
  23. kuritaro9

    Which Foot Pegs Do You Recommend?

    i have a set of IMS steel pegs on my 450 and a set of SS sunline arch pegs om my 250, and love both. i initially had a set of the arch Ti pegs, but after a few rides, one snapped at the pivot on a fairly big downhill. went back and forth with sunline for a while, and finally got them to replace the Ti ones with the SS pegs. i ate the extra cost of the Ti for piece of mind. the cast Ti they use is pretty shitty. form what i hear, they updated the design to add more bracing under the pivot, but its still the same metal. here is a pic of the jump that almost made me soil me shorts when i found out i only had 1 peg...luckily, the corners are stacked with thick foam blocks.. take off and landing are the red arrows.
  24. kuritaro9

    Your opinion of a 1999 CR250

    yep, thats what i meant...it was late.