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    motocross, endurocross, anything involving an engine, wheels, and dirt.
  1. 99wr400


    They are great tires, but they will make your bike horrible on a motocross track. They get too much traction if you like to spin your tire. I'm going to run one on the hillclimber I'm building.
  2. 99wr400

    off road boots

    Send them to alpinestars.... They will put new soles on for you.
  3. 99wr400

    Grey wire mod linked to engine smoking???

    I've found that the YZF cam timing actually makes the power smoother. With the WR timing, the bike has an abrupt increase in power from idle to 1/3 throttle, with YZF timing, the bike still has bottom end power, but it is a lot smoother, and pulls harder on top.
  4. 99wr400

    Grey wire mod linked to engine smoking???

    The exhaust cam is supposed to be RETARDED 1 tooth, not advanced, for YZF timing. You may have worn valve guides and seals if the problem persists. go ride 3-5 more hours, if the bike continues smoking, you're seals/guides are worn out. You may also have a blown head gasket, but it's very unlikely, because steam evaporates very quickly, and wouldn't go much more than 3-4 feet out of the exhaust, smoke tends to stay airborne.
  5. 99wr400


    Add a nitrous kit (yes it adds weight, but will also make the bike stand out from the crowd, and will be a load of fun), and some nitromethane in the tank.
  6. 99wr400


    No rekluse, real men like to use the clutch, and it comes in handy when you need to slip the clutch on steep hillclimbs. I gotta go with Burned about the engine, unless there is a larger possible bore-kit available. (maybe fit a larger piston from a different model into the engine, and re-sleeve it?)
  7. 99wr400


    +1 on the Teraflex type II on the rear, although that may make them harder to come by, if the readers find out how good they work.
  8. 99wr400


    Ironman sprockets. They are the best (well, besides maybe some of the sidewinder sprockets).
  9. 99wr400

    Silicone Spray

    Line-X should work. Isn't that the textured bed liner? A friend of mine has a sandpaper-like spray-in bedliner, it would work great to paint a frame or frame guards with that stuff.
  10. 99wr400

    Cycra barkbusters

    Mine came very well machined, they seem to be strong enough, and they have the full-lenth bolts. Sounds to me like they went looking for corners to cut, and eventually realised they should go back to the original design. I've used my hanguards to lift/throw my bike out of holes, they can't be too weak. I'm sorry you got one of the crappy sets.
  11. 99wr400

    Cycra barkbusters

    Why don't you like them? Were they machined too well? Or too beefy for your taste? I bent a set of those EE handguards in a mild "flop." The Cycra's are much stronger, mount better, and have better coverage.
  12. 99wr400

    Which 06 Bike Should ThumperTalk Build?

    A "new" WR400 would be an awesome build also. Too bad they quit making them in 01.
  13. 99wr400

    What style of bike to build?

    I say build a hillclimber/single track bike. Slightly extended swingarm, loads of power everywhere, it would be the ultimate challenge, and a load of fun to ride.
  14. 99wr400

    Which 06 Bike Should ThumperTalk Build?

    CR500AFX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No joke.
  15. The ATK's almost don't exhist. They are nowhere to be found, and are all but impossible to find parts for. The CR500 is still king of the open class! (and the best bike of all time IMO. Best reliability, least requires maintainance, best power. 'nuff said.