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  1. Busted Knuckles

    why can't i reply to my own thread?

    Its the Russians.
  2. Busted Knuckles

    What could've happend!!!

    I've found the cheapest bikes, are in fact the most expensive.
  3. Busted Knuckles

    New, well newer trucks

    pffft. Drove that bitch 5,000 miles on our honeymoon. Navigating the streets of New Orleans was a trick. No cameras.
  4. Busted Knuckles


    Oh, I've got one! There a boat launch anywhere closeby? On a nice weekend day, pack a cooler, drinks, sammich, and a fold up chair. Sit by the docks. Watch people back boats into the water. Hilarity will ensue.
  5. Busted Knuckles


    My job has me deal with stress on a fairly high level. We had a person work here that also once worked at a animal shelter and she was in charge is euthanizing family pets; said this office is ten times more stressful. I ride my motorcycle now and that is a huge help. Tinkering in the garage works too. Next thing I think I'm going to do is buy a hammock, go for a bike ride, set it up along a stream, and conk out for a couple hours.
  6. Busted Knuckles

    Grinding Noise (Kickstarter?)

    Popped in a new spring. Bam. All done. Solved. Kicks back perfectly. Lining up the prongs from the old spring to new, they were way off. That original springs was hammered. So yea, all fixed. I've now got both bikes ready to run!
  7. Busted Knuckles

    Grinding Noise (Kickstarter?)

    I got it all lined up and its a little better, The kick starter lever doesn't want to return all the way up. Now, when winding it up on the spring, should I rotate the kick start a complete turn then slide onto the shaft? Right now I only rotate it about 1/4 turn and slide it. I don't thinking I'm winding up the spring enough.
  8. Busted Knuckles

    Grinding Noise (Kickstarter?)

    wow, that pic is going to be a great help. I'm 99% sure that's how it is right now. Wasn't too many layers to keep track of. I was unsure of the clocking though. I'll get the figured out. Thanks man.
  9. Busted Knuckles

    Grinding Noise (Kickstarter?)

    I'll try that. I'm sure it clears though. But I'll check for sure. I was told that the punch marks on the starter cam collar need to be lined up with marks on the shaft. I'll pull it apart and check that.
  10. Busted Knuckles

    Grinding Noise (Kickstarter?)

    https://youtu.be/yjtyYsPYoRU Figures the noise starts just when I get the bike running after swapping in the old stator. Didn't make this noise before. I really sounds like it has something to do with the kickstarter. I've taken it apart about eight times and I can't seem to find the problem. Does it sound like perhaps the kick starter isn't retracting all the way?
  11. Busted Knuckles

    No Spark, Dry Plug

    So this is where I'm at tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7HQVdUz9_0&feature=youtu.be If the stator shorted, which I'm sure it did, is the stator no good now? I'm guessing that could have been good for the other electrical components. What am I looking at here? Thanks.
  12. Busted Knuckles

    No Spark, Dry Plug

    Yea, the spark really seems like what stopped the motor. Not sure on the IPG as I am very new to motorcycles. I installed the stator with the wiring already attached to it (is the wiring the IPG?). It was just the three allen head bolts that took to replace it. The pig tail and everything plugged right in. Direct fit. What I'm concerned with is the metal. No idea where it came from. I didn't have much time to diag the issue yesterday, but there was no noticeable wear on the stator side of the motor. Is it possible that something could have rubbed on the clutch side and the metal carried over to the stator side?
  13. Busted Knuckles

    No Spark, Dry Plug

    Now, I did just install a new clutch. Is it possible for metal from the clutch side to reach the stator side? I checked the oil filter for metal filings and didn't see any. Tomorrow I'm going to spend some time in the shop and dig further into this.
  14. Busted Knuckles

    No Spark, Dry Plug

    1986 Honda XL250R Two weeks ago I installed a new clutch and stator (high power I guess?) that the guy sold me with the bike. Everything lined right up. Fit perfectly. Plugged directly in. Put maybe 60 miles on the bike since. Went out today with my cousin on his quad. Did some pretty vigorous single track type stuff through the woods. Beat to hell and sweating, we hit a dead end with paved streets. He went home back through the trails and I took the bike back on pavement. Bike did great. 60mph no issue. About 1/4 mile from the parking lot my bike just shut off. Nothing. Felt just like I hit the kill switch. Checked the plug, dry. Backed fuel bowl screw out and fuel came out. Fuel comes out of the petcock. No spark on the plug though. All the wiring is intact to the stator. Pulled the case around the stator. It, looks ok? I guess? BUT, there is a slight film of metal around the inside of the case. Almost like a metallic paste. Is that normal? Possible that the stator took a dump? As for the dry plug, I would think kicking the bike over that the plug would have some fuel on it. Totally, totally dry. Thoughts?
  15. Busted Knuckles

    Anyone know how to get this u-joint off?

    Yep, that yoke is going to have to come off. No way around it. Looking at the pics, the clips must be on the inside of the yokes like a Jeep's Dana 30. You'll press down one side, remove the clip, then press down the other side. Wouldn't surprise me if they come out in a couple pieces. I've done probably close to 1,000 u-joints. I'd say a third of those were on the trails with using just hammers and rocks. In the shop I set it up in the vice, take a socket the diameter of the cup and bang em' out. I don't like using the press for these. Maybe to get the new ones in. With the old ones, they may be so tight that you mind bend an ear or something. You almost need a shock to get them out. A little heat can also do wonders. edit: spelling