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  1. 2012 in the group with 20k and nothing but a new starter, all original motor parts.
  2. Never had a issue euro mapped , guys that feel this way get the thumper 390 kits. The 350 really is a secret all purpose weapon.
  3. gear it 13-52 and lug all day!
  4. allout48

    Shrapnel Tranny bearing?

    yep send it out to Travis best money spent!
  5. allout48

    The real reason for Rekluses?

    only time I've seen rekluse failure is not adjusted properly ,and after that guys motor fried because of all the clutch debris in there.
  6. allout48

    The real reason for Rekluses?

    ha probably now go pull a ktm with recluse and see how easy that is. They sure do take alot of guess work out of real technical terrain thats for sure!
  7. allout48

    Starting Issue...suggestions?

    check the tps setting maybe thats off.
  8. allout48

    4MM Tube Recommendation

    yes go tubless you will save money in the end with tires and no tubes not to mention you will wish you did it sooner! Also way easier to install than heavy duty tubes!
  9. depends 400- 600 bucks, they are very fair and do great work!
  10. Not the case after about 3 valve adjustments head needs to be reconditioned, send it to thumper racing and boom good as new. The valve guides wear out first. Del west valves are impressive and last.
  11. Ktm's are know to wear shims and get lose before tight. been there.
  12. So your goin to change out crank beargins at 120 hours because that is a waste on time forsure! per ktm. Once you know your bike I can tell just by the way it starts cold that valves need adjusting. just sayin with the 4 stroke it is obvious.
  13. Once they are in spec now your good ride on.
  14. Because checking them every 30 hours is a waste of time they don't move for at least 250 hours and if you ride alot I would be checking them every week or two, if they are good more like every 100 hours .
  15. Seen a few snow bikes go down. These bikes are not meant to run wide open all day. They need to make a real snowbike. hahaha