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  1. Roosted

    no spark. WHAT DO I DO NOW?

    x 2 - just unplug it? Id go back to the flywheel and stator then. Maybe an ohms test on the stator? Maybe a sheared woodruff?
  2. Roosted

    Needle accsess question

    Youll need to remove the seat and tank so you can get to the top of the carb.
  3. Roosted

    honda 300ex axle wont fit tight in carrier...plz help

    me too on the spacer
  4. Roosted

    Re build Starter

    I rebuilt mine and it works great. If I remember correctly, your going to need another set of hands.
  5. Roosted

    Broken starter switch, hard starting

    Your starter is fine! Replace the starter button. Sounds like you have damaged that enough to make contact inside. Your clutch has a micro switch in the lever area that does not allow the starter to work without the clutch pulled in. Some guys like to disable that anyway. Good luck!
  6. This was shot from the bottom of the "ski jump" at Red Bud in the first moto. Just as they leave the frame to the left is where Mike went down in the second moto. Gives you an idea of what he had coming his way! http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v687/Roosted/?action=view&current=450FStartAfterSkiJump.flv
  7. Roosted

    bike has been in the garage all winter

    If in doubt, change it out!
  8. We rode from St Helen to Luzerne for lunch at Ma Deters last Sunday. Right out of the truck we had snow and ice to go arond here and there. The weather was great but the further north we went, the worse the conditions got. I would allow another two weeks at least for all of that to melt. I have heard the Gladwin area was better.
  9. Roosted

    A Simple starter switch/relay question

    I'm thinking yes! It comes from the battery and makes contact in the relay when the button is pushed. You should be able to jump it externaly.
  10. Roosted

    Hatfield/McCoy Trails----???

    What can you tell us about current trail and weather conditions?
  11. Roosted

    license plate mount for CRF450X

    If by where you mean what state, I bought it from a dealer in Michigan back in 2005.
  12. Roosted

    license plate mount for CRF450X

  13. Roosted

    Crank Bearings?

    Based on my quick review of your posts , once again you have very little to offer this community. Thanks for you time though. I'm sure someone will get a kick out it.