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  1. elton

    If you have a 2007 250 SX please help.

    Correct; It's a Torx bolt. Elton
  2. elton

    Now you have got me thinking......

    I've got a KTM 2-stroke jones, so the 06 250sx is my choice, but a close second would be the 06 YZ; the YZ is smoother, the SX is stronger. The SX and YZ are much better off-road than any of the other mx 2-strokes (CR being last on the list). That said, a 300xc is a functionally a 250sx converted for off-road out-of-the-box and is the cheaper way to go (if you weren't in the UK and can't get an XC), however, I'd still look hard at a 300exc and just add a 51T. Actually the 300exc suspension may work better OOTB for most Enduro riders vs. the XC GNCC's setup or SX'x mx setup. Elton
  3. elton

    The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

    That would be sweet, but I doubt that they would give it all in one year model. I'll settle for a 6-speed and EFI in 08 -- would like to see the same offered on KTM 2-Strokes. Elton
  4. elton

    KTM 200 vs. 250 vs. 300 W

    If you want to ride woods and some track, get an XC (GNCC setup), not the XC-W(Enduro setup); you'll have a close-ratio tranny and the XC's suspension is very close to the SX, but with slightly softer valving. Elton
  5. elton

    KTM 200 vs. 250 vs. 300 W

    The 200 is the most fun if you can fit on it's slightly smaller frame; you would fit either perfectly. The 300 is the best all-around, do it all bike; the 250 is a weaker 300 (unless you are talking about the 250 SX). Each are close, with subtitle differences IMO; so you can't go wrong. The 300 is more of a torque monster, with much quicker power than the WR (30lbs+ lighter). The 200 has good bottom with explosive hitting power, w/nice 6speed tranny that makes it very flexible (40lbs+ lighter). Given the riding you outline I'd say 300; if you like to lug I'd say 300, but if you are aggressive and are not riding extreme hill climbs at altitude, get the 200. Elton
  6. elton

    2006 250 SX Stock Jetting?

    Stock was: 85sj, 42pj, 158mj, N1EF 3rd, AS @ 1 Most (including the three mag reviews) are running the N1EG that comes in the spares kit. I'm running: 85sj, 38pj, 162mj, N1EG 3rd, AS @ 1.25 (560asl/38-58 degrees) 85sj, 38pj, 162mj, N1EG 2nd, AS @ 1.50 (560asl/85+ degrees) Elton
  7. elton

    ttr125 incredibly long warm up required.

    Thanks!; Elton
  8. elton

    ttr125 incredibly long warm up required.

    My daughter's 05 TTR125LE is doing the same thing. Its a year old; started this after 6-months. You have to crank it with the choke on, let it idle for a long time (15-20 min) warm-up, unless I get on it after 10min and warm it up for her, using the choke/throttle to ride it while its still very mushy. The bike is dealer maintained, fully stock; I've never touched it. Have not adjusted the valves, as the dealer said it was not time yet (w/500 miles) -- have done a couple of oil changes, and cleaned the air filter, etc. Anyway, reading what you outline above is confusing; regarding being "lean", (as I know more about KTM 2-stks that TTR's), but turning the fuel screw(air screw) "out" leans it more correct? Thanks, Elton
  9. elton

    WR450F vs. CRF450X

    LOL -- You are comparing Honda's 450 mx bike with Yamaha's 450 woods bike; if you want to compare mx bikes, a YZ450 will do just fine against a CRF450. If you are comparing RFS woods bikes; a WR450 (w/free mods) will walk all over a 450x (w/similar mods). Elton
  10. elton

    WR450F vs. CRF450X

    Back in December, while my 15/yo son's WR450 was in the shop for new tires, the dealer was offering a rebate on the 450x and was pressing him to trade the WR for the 450x. We researched it and found that the 450x: - requires more maintenance (valve issues). - is heavier than the WR - is wider/bulkier (read about people knocking off radiators in the woods). - the header pipe hangs down and hits stuff (bad design). - less stock engine protection vs. WR (what's there is plastic). - No Excel rims. - Cheesey speedo - All mag reviews I read said the 450x has less power vs. the WR (before mods) and the 450x had less mod possibilities than the WR -- one calling the 450x a "campground cruiser" His WR450 was low miles, pristine, all "free mods", Yosh TRC Pro Carbon Fiber/JD kit/AIS kit/hand guards/springs/HD tubes/new Pirelli tires -- was a no-brainer to keep the WR -- despite the excellent trade offer. New bikes are fun, but we felt the 450x would be a downgrade. Elton
  11. elton

    First Impressions: 2006 KTM 250sx

    This is strange; generally KTM's cockpit feels larger to most -- YZ's feel cramped to me. Never had problems with the expansion chamber hitting my boot on any KTM. Did you set you sag, what offset are you using, are your bars moved forward/backward? The riding position is forward, but I really prefer it. However, what's really strange is that you got "a 06 250sx, with only a tank of gas throught it, for almost nothing". Its phenomenal isn't it. It clicks with some, awkward to some; the Jap bikes feel a bit awkward IMO. Elton
  12. elton

    Ktm 300xc

    I went from a 05 "WZ450" to a 05 300exc, then to a 06 300xc. The 300's have plenty of torque, quicker power, lighter and handles better. The WR has a bit better OOTB suspension; but I'm hooked on KTM 2-strokes and can never go back to RFS's -- I love their quick/light power and demand for attention. Go for it Elton
  13. elton

    05 250sx

    The 250exc/xc/xcw yes, but not the 250sx; my 250sx will walk all over my 300xc. Elton
  14. elton

    I'm gonna do it!

    Wow 40 hrs; must have missed that part in the manual. When do you change your oil? Elton
  15. elton

    05 250sx

    If mx/sx are your focus you don't want a 300xcw for sure with it's enduro suspension, or a even 300xc; the 06 250sx with it's motor/suspension improvements would be my pick (2nd choice, 06 YZ250, but the SX fits me better) -- each make good hs bikes also. Elton