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  1. hillclimben fool

    Going nuts (jetting).....please help

    Tell me about it my 250 that I switched to smokers on is running like crap and starting on about the 20th kick.........looks like I'll be tearing it down again.....
  2. hillclimben fool

    250 vs 300

    I was stuck between a 200 and 300 not even considering a 250, and I believe oldedude talked me into trying a 250 as it was a perfect balance between the two and I fell in love. 250 all the way for me! Luke
  3. hillclimben fool

    01 F250 info?

    Yea I had a buddy shoot 3 or 4 plugs out of his 01 1/2 ton...but he ran the dog crap out of it and the only thing he went through was 5 rearends and 2 detroit lockers!
  4. hillclimben fool

    2008 F250 With 6.4l

    the 03 and 04's were the worst for the 6.0's....One of the worst things about them is to change head gaskets you have to take the cab off the frame!! My next truck will either be a 6.0 or a 6.4 for sure and I'll never look back....right now I've got a early 99 six speed 7.3.....which are known to be durable
  5. hillclimben fool

    powerstroke diesel owners

    yeap except I think I'm going with wildman for my 7.3
  6. hillclimben fool

    powerstroke diesel owners

    well you shouldn't have a problem with the 5R110 until about 500 horse. So don't worry there. Gauges I am fond to Isspro and would go to the diesel manor. As for chips/tuners, the evo is a good tuner, but most forums don't like them simply because there generic which works for alot of people but for 6 ohs the best is a custom tuned SCT whether it is a livewire or a flash tuner doesn't matter but the livewire comes with gauges, shift light, and one red alert light. Luke
  7. Well I unfortuneately just sold mine. But just making room for the KTM and some goodies that are going on it
  8. hillclimben fool

    2008 F250 With 6.4l

    I keep up to date on all models of trucks and there are more cases of people going very long on 6 ohs than ones that have had problems. yes you are gonna stretch head bolts and have a "puking" problem if you put a chip on a 6 oh but you pay to play. And dodge is the only company left that they have yet to find a way to take off the DPF and other emissions and still having problems. There are tuners for ford and chevy that have found ways around it. Just because a few people got a few bad apples on the 6 oh it gave them horrible feedback, but I would not be afraid to own any of the ford diesels from the 6.9 IDI to the new 6.4. Dodge on the other hand I have heard bad things about the new 6.7's such as motors crapping out after 3000 miles with little or no warning, but dodge will buy it back and find you an identical truck with a 5.9 in it to make it right. As for Chevy's new duramax I have heard little or no news about malfunctioning other than there is not yet enough time to make an aggresive tuner such as the PPE or EFI live for them. Luke
  9. hillclimben fool

    Ignition box again

    Okay I'm now a member on ktm talk, and I ordered my parts through MUNN racing. It ends up when I referenced my ignition box part number, its off of an 01 MXC, but when you go to 2003 it shows no MXC so I don't know what the deal is there, I went ahead and ordered a new coil and spark plug cap just to make sure I'm getting all spark possible
  10. hillclimben fool

    Ignition box again

    thanks a ton mike!
  11. hillclimben fool

    Ignition box again

    the closest dealer is 50 miles away so I hadn't checked yet. Thanks I will give them a call, but they said it was discontinued on Bike Bandit. And I have tried emailing the admin. but I will try again. Luke
  12. hillclimben fool

    Ignition box again

    I've tried getting on there and I only have a hotmail account so i can't register
  13. hillclimben fool

    Ignition box again

    Okay I posted once asking for help so here it is again I have a 2003 250 MXC and the ignition box is fried. Where can I get a new one at? I can not find one anywhere other than the $400 vortex! Please help! Luke
  14. hillclimben fool

    2003 250 MXC CDI box

    okay I found one for an 03 300 mxc. And according to the parts fiche on bike bandit it appears to be the same. But do the numbers on the box have to be the same, like the numbers on that little sticker?
  15. hillclimben fool

    2003 250 MXC CDI box

    I could only find one on there and it was off of an 01, they appear the same but it has less wires than an 03.