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    Hmmmm. I guess I could put all the hobbies I have, butt in all honesty my interests are truly to make my family happy .
    Okay enough of that, just got this VOR on a trade so I am extremely into it, however this bad boy is a lot like my first wife..lol I love my Mitsubishi Jeep, wood working, house improvement and welding..lol

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  1. So I drop my phone and cracked the screen, yes I got it, stupid me right! However I had a case on it , anyhow I pay insurance $10 every month had the phone for almost a year now and then I go to claim it and I have to pay 175.00 freaking &%$#@!ing dollars! yo America this is the biggest SCAM of the Century, Pleas, cellular companies in United States are making bookoo money, hand over fist with the ease. They are taken every single penny, for something that cost seven children in...