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  1. tony3216


    all i can say is call rg3 the best
  2. tony3216

    Head shake

    scotts fender stabalizer never shake again
  3. tony3216

    Front brake grabby and not working

    I have bled the brakes as suggested. I used a ziptie to hold the lever tight to the throttle overnight. Appreciate the input
  4. Has anybody bolted on a stock 2006 or 2007 head on a 2005 crf250? Share your experience with a new head. Anybody have dyno results to share?? Looking for the best bang for the buck.
  5. over size wave rotor (Braking) ebc brake pads rebuilt front master cyclinder Bleed with honda brake fluid When the bike is at a dead stop I pull the front brake lever in it is all grabby and I can not pull it smooth. When riding today it is way too plush and I pull the lever almost all the way to the throttle grip when in a panic stop. It feels like the front brake is way unpredictable in performance. Should I rebuild the calipers????? Go back to stock rotor and pads. Help please
  6. tony3216

    RHC Motor

    Hey Ron have you checked you inbox lately I have not heard back from you????
  7. tony3216

    RG3 vs. Scotts damper

    I have the rg3clamps and the fender mounted dampner. Wont own a bike without a stabilizer again. Hit a hole on a landing ripped the bar to the right, on the gas, straightened out, hit a tree branch, over the bars, bike on top of me, buddy jumps the same jump, throws a whip never sees me, passes right by. I know that with the stabilizer I never would have had the bars rip like that. All in a days worth of riding. If it keeps me safe and makes me smoother I want it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. tony3216

    250f in the vet class?

    In the vet class I have been top three many times into the first corner. If you know how to shift and good reaction time and love speed I do Pin the 250 and speed shift .
  9. tony3216

    20mm offset?

    I have the rg3 clamps better all the way around more stable better turning call RG3
  10. tony3216

    Wiseco 13.5:1?

    call ron hamp he can put a whole kit together for you.
  11. tony3216

    front brake pads

    I am gonna try the EBC pads.
  12. tony3216

    front brake pads

    braking pads they are black came with the rotor
  13. tony3216

    front brake pads

    2005 crf250r oversize wave rotor ( Braking ) what is the best set of front brake pads for a soft progressive feel??? material and manufacturer please I hate a sticky front brake
  14. tony3216

    sticky front brake

    Grabby is a good word. Last time I rode I could feather the brake easily. Today It felt like a camera shutter on or off. I like it to be smooth and predictable. Just looking for suggestions on how to achieve that.
  15. tony3216

    sticky front brake

    I just bleed the system. I took a piece of tubing and a syringe. I filled the syringe with brake fluid and got the air out. I zip tied the syringe to the bleeder hose attached to the bleeder at the caliper. Opened up the bleeder and pushed the fluid to the reservoir. I let the res overflow into a oil pan. Seemed to help the lever feels a little smoother . The color of the fluid now is alot cleaner in the little window. I will take the caliper off tomorrow and regrease the pins. Any other suggestions ?? Thanks