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  1. darnoc14

    How are the tusk clutch kits??

    They are pretty bad, they don't grab real well, even when new and they get a bunch of play when hot. Lets just put it this way, its about as bad as the clutch on a crf250.
  2. darnoc14

    Tranny exploded

    I had my main bearing go out a couple times. Hopefully you won't have to replace all the gears, but it sounds like you will be. Good luck.
  3. darnoc14

    Replacing my pistion

    Do I need like a special size or is it one size fits all?
  4. darnoc14

    Replacing my pistion

    Where can I get a hone for my bike?
  5. darnoc14

    How many of you have blown up 250f's

    My honda twice. So far my 05 yami has been good.
  6. darnoc14

    Pics of whats left of my motor!!!

    How do you know it was the tensioner that failed?
  7. Well I hope I didn't tighten it too much. Manuel says 40 ft lbs, if anyone is wondering. Also for anyone thinking of changing theirs for the first time, the whole thing is all pretty easy. I had the most trouble removing the cam chain guide.
  8. OK, so you guys are saying the flywheel doesn't mount all the way to the stator, right? The gap is probably 3-4 mm just eyeballing it.
  9. I have a dr.d, and when I very rarely ride at state parks I have to use the spark arrestor. I was pretty suprised as the power felt pretty much the same, but I was only riding trails. I did notice it didn't want to rev as much on top though, kinda like it wouldn't hit the rev limiter as easily.
  10. So I just replaced my timing chain, and I am putting everything back together. I'm not sure how much to tighten up the flywheel. I don't have a torque wrench that high, and even if I did, I can't get the back wheel to stop turning. My main question is, when the flywheel is installed properly, is it pushed up against the stator all the way or should there be a little gap? I wasn't paying attention when taking it off, but I don't think there was a gap. Right now I have a small gap there, and I don't think I can get it tighter unless I use an impact.
  11. darnoc14

    Good Source for Parts

    Check out the tt store, good prices on oem stuff, but shipping is going to cost you and your gonna have to wait a little while for the parts to get to you. You also have to pay a $10 membership fee.
  12. darnoc14

    .006 exaust clearance only 7 hrs

    Just to let you know, alot of people recommend running the exhaust at .006, you may want to just leave all of them as they are.
  13. darnoc14

    Throttle Problem 2005 CRF 250R

    Just use wd40 to lube the throttle tube, if you use normal grease that can cause it to stick. If you did use normal grease, make sure you clean it all off.
  14. darnoc14

    New 06 CRF 250 and bog question....

    Because the carb on the 06 is huge. The 04 and 05 did not bog like that.
  15. darnoc14

    Vortex Ignition Dual Curve Ignition?

    I had one for my crf250. Didn't help much on bottom, but the thing would rev way longer.