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  1. I was off the bike with a broken thumb for 6 weeks so this happened, post ride photos so a little dusty. A bunch of acerbis goodies and new graphics for my 2018 FE450, smog delete, Jd jetting tuner, pulled the exhaust screens and reeds...suspension is next pending funds, Kreft or Pro circuit.
  2. new graphics on my 2018 FE450...took pics after the ride not before! so a little dusty
  3. Blueprint

    2018 vs 2019 FE 450

    Jd jetting tuner, vortex, powercommander, etc. something to richen the bike up from the lean factory conditions. Im running the jdjetting fuel injection tuner with airbox reeds removed and the screen plugs pulled out of the stock muffler and have been very happy with it.
  4. Blueprint

    2018 vs 2019 FE 450

    no. take that $1000, get your suspension revalved for you (best money you can spend) on the 2018 and you will have a good amount of cash left over for other upgrades like fueling/desmog. I have a 2018 FE450.
  5. At least with the acerbis you do not have to remove all the bolts to install the cover. So the stock ignition and clutch covers never come off
  6. FE450 an FE501 ignition cover part numbers are identical. I think it will fit. I didn't buy the polisport because they didn't list the FE450 on their fitment chart. The FE450 is listed on the acerbis cover. It is the only option i found.
  7. @HansLanda thats the one. bolted right up to my FE450, cant imagine the 501 is any different? same engine beside displacement
  8. Acerbis makes one, just put one on my 18 FE450. They have clutch and ignition covers
  9. i would like to fit a front rotor guard on my 2010 450RR. I know the acerbis x-brake guard says 13-15 only but has anyone tried to fit it to a 10-12 beta? or does anyone know if it can be modified or where the fitment issue would be? i have the marzocchi forks. any other suggestions from first hand experience with other guards? i already smoked one front rotor dropping it in rocks and they aren't cheap!
  10. Blueprint

    Beta cross reference?

    ktm footpegs i know this has been kicked back and forth on the forums, they do fit, they dont fit...i bent my stock beta footpegs so i grabbed a set of lightly used OEM '13 ktm footpegs off ebay for $25. the beta pin is slightly,slightly larger diameter than the ktm. i hit the inside of the footpegs mounting holes with a rat tail file lightly, basically just took the finish off and the beta pins slid in fine using the beta spring as well. mounted up nicely and saved me some money, plus ebay is chock full of ktm pegs. i have a 2010 450rr but i doubt beta has changed the footpegs mounts since then
  11. Blueprint

    Show me your...BETA !

    well don't go try to ride colson canyon, forest service has been setting up traps there with law enforcement. i found out first hand but luckily my bike is street legal and we hadnt gone around any gates yet.. they said the trails are open to ride but the mile road to get to them is closed due to a storm in 2009...kind of backwards if you ask me. i really like divide peak, rocky double and single track but it is a trek to get there. Refugio road from santa ynez to west camino cielo to cold springs tavern is a fun ride (temporarily closed with construction). upper oso is ok, mostly just fire roads. i mostly ride my wife's family's property behind Figueroa mtn in Los Padres. seems like every year they shut down another OHV trail or road in SB county, it is unfortunate. We rode rock front the other day but i felt we exhausted those trails within a couple hours, some fun two track though.
  12. Blueprint

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    and if you can take your bike to a dealer Beta will cover the labor as well, you dont really have anything to lose and it is good insurance!
  13. Blueprint

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    2010 is covered under the warranty. basically the replacement inner clutch plate has a larger inner diameter than the original. the OEM inner clutch plate looked like it was contacting a small lip on the clutch basket, probably leading the plate to not seat correctly, flex and shatter and the new plates larger ID lets it clear the lip in the basket. i called Dave about it and he filed a warranty claim and Beta fullfilled it so 2010 is covered. if the plate fails and pieces escape the basket it will cause oil pump gear failure.
  14. Blueprint

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    yes it gets ridden hard haha, it baffled me that they were putting these bikes out with only 2 gallon tanks, oh well. . i am really happy with the precision concepts suspension, surprisingly plush through the first half of the stroke for trail work but hasn't let me down on fast desert chop/whoops either. Im going to start racing D37 hare and hound and grand prix series this year and i wouldn't change a thing. i never rode the stock suspension so i cant compare but i like it alot better than the mxtech on my ktm. I have to say dave has been extremely helpful and i will continue to order parts through him. when i did my oil pump gears i got the clutch warranty replacement kit through him and i am glad i did! when i pulled the clutch the innermost plate (the one covered under the service bulletin/warranty)was broken into 8 pieces, held in place by the basket but im sure as time went on it would have fallen out causing drama in the rest of the drivetrain. clutch still behaved fine and i was unaware that something was up. If anyone has a 2010-2014 i would highly recommend pulling your clutch plates and checking the inner clutch plate, check his blog for more info.