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  1. CM2fabrication

    2000 TTR 90 gas tank

    Well after having no luck finding a solution to my leaking tank I ordered a new (2016) ttr110 tank, seat and complete plastic kit off ebay and got it all for less then $100. It was fairly easy to install if u can weld at all. All u need is a welder, cut off wheel, drill with around a 5/16 bit and some 1" flat bar 1/8" thick.
  2. CM2fabrication

    TTR 110 fuel tank on a TTR 90?

    Great to see some actual tech on this. Seems like this is such a common issue on the ttr line up, I can't believe yamaha or someone hasnt stepped up and produced a realistic replacement option. I picked up a ttr90 for my little sister to have and the tank is shot, so looking for options as well. I like the idea of the ttr 110 tank. Do you think that if custom brackets were made for that tank that it could be positioned in a way to work with the factory 90 seat and rear?
  3. CM2fabrication

    2000 TTR 90 gas tank

    Does anyone have any answers to this. I have the same issue looking for a proven repair method or a suitable substitute tank other than the high dollar oem 90 tank.