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  1. My gas cap on my bike loses fuel out of the vent hose when riding. Not a huge issue but rising longer distances I worry about how much fuel I’m losing. Bike only has 12 hours and not sure why the gas cap is leaking after such a short time. Any thoughts? Not too keen on buying a new one if there are easy fixes.
  2. I tried 3/4 turns out from stock and really like it. I was surprised that it made such a big difference. I ride tech single track and rarely hit 4th gear but a little more whack is appreciated for the grin factor. I'm currently running stock jetting and I am riding between 4-10000 elevation. Any ideas on jetting changes? Considering raising the clip one because the jetting doesn't seem too far off. Also I have an aftermarket head that is milled .04. Not sure if that will affect jetting drastically. Thanks for the input
  3. I have just under 10 hours on my new bike and am wondering about Turing my powervalve adjustment out a bit. No real complaints on how the bike runs, just looking at what others have tried, liked, didn't like etc, thanks
  4. Just bought a 17 300rr race ed. What kind of range do you get on your stock tank?
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will try a tooth or two on the rear. If the bike needs to break in still maybe I won't fuss with the carb until it has more time on it. Bike runs great as is, just dripping spooge. Any time suggestions for break in?I'm at 6.1 hrs now.
  6. Just bought my first beta! So far (99km,6.1hrs) I have no real complaints. Having been a 450 fuel injection rider I am a little new to jetting and carb tuning. Jetting is stock at this point and it seems to run pretty clean. I ride at 5000-8000ft elevation and summer temps are 70-85deg f. Bike has no hesitation and is very smooth, my only concern is the pipe drool that is running down the silencer and dropping onto the swing arm. Is this normal? I'm running my pre mix at 48:1 synthetic mix (which is a little different than spec at 50:1 but seeing that it is new I wanted to be on the oily side) another question is concerning gearing. Stock is 13-49. I was recommended by the dealer to try12-49 but I don't think I need to go that low. 1st gear is great, but the gap from 1to 2 seems to be a bit too much. I can slip the clutch to help but I wonder if 1-2 teeth more on the rear sprocket would be perfect for this minor gap in gearing. Thanks
  7. I have had all of the colors, and now own a 15 sxf 450. It has been a learning curve to get used to it after rising Japanese bikes forever. There are things about the Ktm that I like better like brakes, clutch and ease of air filter change. I would try to ride before you buy. Some days I wish I was still riding red. All the jap bikes felt fairly similar. I haven't ridden the fe or the 16's yet, for what it's worth I have heard they are amazing. Good luck
  8. My counter shaft seal was leaking so I replaced the seal and the rubber o ring with oem parts. Now it is leaking worse than before. I don't think I damaged the new parts and have had the bike back apart and I am stumped. Don't really want to take the bike in because my mechanic is super busy. Any ideas?