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  1. 705ripper

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I have 3 2stroke bikes
  2. 705ripper

    SCORRA Family Fun Day @ RJ motosport (near barrie ontario)

    That sounds like a blast
  3. 705ripper

    Sudbury dirt riders

    Basically, i started a closed facebook group called 'sudbury dirt riders'. I have the property and am looking for prople that would ride, could volunteer, could contribute with equipment. Please join if you feel you fit this criteria.
  4. 705ripper

    Sons room is finally finished....

    I suppose the amount of blue in the garage persuades him a certain direction. There is a kawi in the background tho...
  5. We recently moved and my 4 year old son needed his room painted. What do you all think?
  6. 705ripper

    Supercross toronto: hotel?

    I will be early. Have two young kids and carrying around a front number plate (sons wants cr22 to sign it) and ill be wearing a yamaha racing hat. Feel free to say hello if you spot us.
  7. 705ripper

    Supercross toronto: hotel?

    Man, im bringing the kids... and wife. It would be nice to have a kid-free getaway tho
  8. 705ripper

    Supercross Toronto

    Is anybody else going?
  9. 705ripper

    Do you ride alone?

    I love riding alone. Probably why i didnt do well in organized team sports like hockey or baseball. I dont work fridays so as soon as kids go to school i head out to the garage and get my alone time in. Whether it is bike or sled.... I have my best rides on these days. Kinda spiritual but not in a weirdo way. Lol. That being said, having to limp home from a 4 hour ride because you crushed your throttle hand between a tree and your helmet absolutely sucks. I always let my wife know my anticipated routes in case worse happens.
  10. 705ripper

    WR250F Bog

    I had same problem on 01 WR. Adjusting fuel screw took care of this in my case.
  11. I thought it was a joke after the first page. Lol
  12. Sound scientific enough to me
  13. If you get a bike, beginner or not, learn the maintenance. Get used to it. First and foremost, keep the damn thing clean. Go for a ride, clean the bike! Dont let it sit dirty at camp for a month til the next ride. Allow time in your day for inspections and tweaks such as air pressure in tires, spoke torquing or a simple check of your air filter. If you do get a low maintenance bike, it will be a breeze. Clean filter, reoil filter. Dump oil, add new oil. Grease all moving parts and bolts