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  1. thank you I will check pro moto billet, and the plug I originnally blew who knows where it ended up but the one I speak of now is /was a brand new one and I screwed up by really not knowing what caused it, it was because ny big vent line was pinched after going over a log and got sqiushed so I put the new one in let it sit for 2 weeks and fired it up and blew it because I did not realize line vent line was pinched but I just don't want to worry about it again thanx again
  2. I spoke with the girl at TT office she states that the decomp replacement plugs for the 03-04 wr450 ( the metal ones they were selling) have been discontinued she suggested that I post a thread to see if anyone out there has one for sale so here it is. I need one. I tried to put an OEM plug back in with some gasket maker I did not realize my vent hose was pinched and blew it out again. tried to just push it back it hoping it would hold, NOT. Anyways I read a post from a guy who made a little L braket to keep the plug from comming out but I would really like a metal one that is held in by the bolt that just sits there and does nothing I will shut up now if you have one I want it and will pay to get it thanks
  3. chicoff

    Boiled over the WR.

    engine ice seems to work the best for me, also high end oil will help. I only ride single track and used to boil alot. I try to stay off the clutch as much as possible that also seems to have help me. If the back tire gets to spinng you are almost certain to get too hot. None of this is probably helpful but thats my 2 cens
  4. chicoff

    Beckworth Pass & Fort Sage OHV - Red sticker question

    good luck finding a pine tree at fort sage!
  5. chicoff

    Church Last Sunday 10/21 Pix

    copy that
  6. chicoff

    Church Last Sunday 10/21 Pix

    my fellow church goers how do you do? I took a large group to stony last week had a blast monday thru thursday not a soul in sight they had the jack hammer on sunday trails were not torn up too bad had all level of riders come and go throughout the week great fun i think i may have drank too much i cant remember. i am going to church in the morning try not to take more than 1 or 2 others riders with me right now up there it is pretty dusty. i shot super slyko a pm talking about maybe a day at church for a day of heading over to clear lake yuba rider and a few others would really like to make the trek if anyone else is into it o nce we get some precipitation lets talk
  7. chicoff

    March 18th, Sunday, 'Lil Stoney

    was on a couple of ridges over hit snow @ about 3500 modified seminary session may be in order, but I have contacted the preacher Mr Randy Jackson and we can romp on everything but the top of the hill, when I speak of the cross you know what I speak of! anything above that we will be praying to Jah and wishing we didn't try it! Not liking the set up I had today I recommend setting your bikes up like goats we do have some open stuff but when we hit the single track your going to want that tractor under your "culo" Had to cut it short today bike was boiling on me apparently you need air flowing through your radiator?pit crew "manyana" let's do this!
  8. chicoff

    Who is really watching TT posts?

    I just spent an hour replying to this post and don't have clue of where the hell it ended up if it shows up sorry for the repeat. Yuba Rider please lay off the pain meds before logging on. Yes we ran into the Warden yesterday only because my dumba$$ ran out of gas and we had to shoot back to the truck. I stopped the Warden to actually confirm that where we were parking and taking off from was all good. He would have driven right on by if, again my dumba$$ wouldn't have stoppped him. He politely informed us that a certain portion of our area was a wildlife refuge but has really never been enforced. There are multiple agencies responsible for different code/ law enforcment in the area the parking belongs to the county so the sheriff has jurisdiction, the refuge is the wardens responsibilty and the actual river chanel is BLM land and no one is even reading the same book so being on the same page is a joke. He was cool just trying to inform us that the hammer is comming down on him because some young biologists are out there doing studies because they plan do move the levee out approx. 300 feet wider. So he is just trying to do his job he was pretty cool and definitly pro rider suggesting that we fight any closures and demand access to our right to public land. He provided us with info as far as where the refuge ends and no one can tell us sh!t about riding there. We are all pissed about the dirtballs that thrash the place our prescence has actually decreased the number of dirtbags down there because they know we are going to be there so they stay away or maybe they are just hiding better anyways as far as any of the knuckle heads on this site blowing the whistle on us that is ***%^ng rediculous! Who ever talked about the fish and game shifting gears toward fishing you nailed it and believe me the fisherman are definitely bitching about our prescence in "there" area. Not so much us but the damn dirt balls riding there POS'S in the parking lot like fools while these guys are pulling there 60 thousand dollar boats in and out. We have alternatives but we do need to straighten out the confusion some of us can't get a senseless ticket the warden actually said all of the citations issued lately have been by the local sheriff and the judge has thrown everyone of them out, but who has time to deal with that bullsh!t? We do need to come together to fight for our right to ride I saw a post about a rally on the 19th of March in Sacto check it out on the land use and leg. forum. Anyways are we riding this weekend Yubarider?
  9. the needle only takes a little corrosion to keep it from shutting off you could hve also bent your tab any minor movement of the tab will change the flow shut off
  10. chicoff

    The river ride..

    all right already thank you for the advice on saving the world I guess if you can find our spots we will just have to kick your teeth in on the curb and send you home! Man if i knew it was so easy to get you guys fired up i would have been posting on this site along time ago. Let's just ride man! I hit a half a dozen of the best spots in northern cali on a routine basis have not been heckled once yes i know people from all over but have yet to have to drop a name or badge number to get out of any trouble keepit mellow and the local po po don't blink an eye. as far a state legislature cutting our access we do need to keep our eye on loc al initiative and wilderness propositions i just clicked on an earlier [post that can link you to some BS that Boxer is trying to push. To you 99 rider thanks for the intertaining spat it actually keeps me comming back to this $3000 system my kid has in his room it is amazimng the crap this thing will do. anyways no negative vibes either way. The way I see it is we are all lucky to be the ones out there riding and actually having a moment to be able to bitch about it. Life is Short live HARD
  11. chicoff

    Wheelies in Cali....

    maybe if those cops weren't trying to catch us riding dirty all the time they would have a little fun a lighten up Francis! maybe we need to start with our children and have them not beat up on the little insignificant buger eaters that will be tomorrows heroes in blue?
  12. chicoff

    The river ride..

    Amen Brotha!
  13. chicoff

    The river ride..

    let us know we treat our guests well!
  14. chicoff

    The river ride..

    mid week when the sun is shining! it's on I finished alot around the house if the sun is shining tomorrow you know where i will be hee hee