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  1. YamahaRdr4E

    Let's see your 4 strokes set up for woods!

    heres mine. except i have fasst flex bars on it now
  2. YamahaRdr4E

    Fox Valley HS

    haha yup that was me, well see i tried to stay out of the mud holes too but it didnt really work out in my favor lol.. there is one spot on the west side at fox valley that has a deep ass rut we were out there goofin around one day and i went in it and it was deeper than i thought lol didnt get stuck tho just alot of water lol
  3. YamahaRdr4E

    Fox Valley HS

    hey wardy i thought you werent goin to the harescramble yesterday? turned around on the start line and there you were, oh and seen you and everybody else a few times while i was stuck in that mudhole in the woods.. did any of you guys see my dumbass stuck about 2 mins into the first lap #856?? got a little too excited cause i was leadin and missed that turn cause it wasnt marked very well, sat there for about 40 mins cause i was goin no where lol, there was about 5 other guys that dam near did the same thing as me haha
  4. YamahaRdr4E

    dist.17 hare scramble 6-29 glasford reminder

    yeah i plan on bein there
  5. YamahaRdr4E

    Fox Valley HS

    yeah for the big bikes it started out dam near perfect conditions despite a few spots then the dam rain started and it literally got slick in 2 mins lol, that hill you went up right when you came out of the creek got nasty pretty quick, i bet tryin to figure all the results out was fun, there was guys comin from every direction goin on the main trail goin back up so the places got all messed up haha. yeah im hopin the next one there is dry too but well see if not oh well
  6. YamahaRdr4E

    Best Handgaurds?

    yeah i also like the cycra pro bend ones, i think they look cool too. but ive hit trees so hard i dont know how i havent broke them yet lol and i like how they have alot of room for your hands/levers
  7. YamahaRdr4E

    WFO harescramble next sunday 6-8-08??

    cool. i see theres also one in cayuga too, wheres everyone goin, ill be at the colona one cause its alot closer..
  8. YamahaRdr4E

    WFO harescramble next sunday 6-8-08??

    has anybody heard where they are having this one yet? the websites still say TBA. just would like to know where its at to make plans to go or not, thanks!!!
  9. YamahaRdr4E

    Cahokia creek dirt riders harescramble???

    whats it like there? im sure its probly tight and technical since its bike only right? hills? sand?
  10. YamahaRdr4E

    Cahokia creek dirt riders harescramble???

    uhh ok nevermind, just seen they cancelled it due to wet/muddy conditions?? it has a whole week to dry out!! haha
  11. whos goin? does anybody know what its like there? its a bike only race so im sure it has to be decent. i would just hate to drive 200 miles to ride at a bad place..
  12. YamahaRdr4E

    clutch problems need help quick!!!

    i dont understand what your sayin... i took all the plates back out and they all look idzactly the same and the directions dont say anything about it bein different size either???
  13. ok so im installing the rekluse z start pro on my 04 yz250f and the clutch lever is very easy to pull in and its not even moving any of the plates or the top plate or anything, what is wrong i cant figure it out??
  14. YamahaRdr4E

    YZ250F overheating???

    its doin both actually, steam and liquid pouring out of the overflow..??
  15. YamahaRdr4E

    YZ250F overheating???

    ok so my bike has been fine so far this year until sunday and all the sudden it overheated in the harescramble. so it was muddy and tight im like ok probly got mud in the radiator fins or somthing, so i wash it and fill it back up with coolant and start ridin around my house in open area and it got hot real fast and overheated again?? i have the boyesen water pump cover and im running engine ice so i dont know whats goin on??? i raced harescrambles last year in 95 degree temps and had no problems so what could be wrong??