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  1. GuyGraham

    Jetting for uk

    Link to the 2006 WSM manual https://ownersmanuals2.com/yamaha/wr450f-2006-owners-manual-68547 You have the correct needle DUS Extract
  2. GuyGraham

    Jetting for uk

    That's the 'emission compliant' needle I think Ignore the GD at the beginning of the code - the attached file will allow you to decode it I had a DUQ in my 08, with a 168 main and 50 pilot
  3. GuyGraham

    Jetting for uk

    Plug chopping is useless with modern fuel They run shit with off jetting so you will know anyway 170 main and 48 pilot will be fine starting points Use the needle from the 'bag' PoppIng could be frOm airleak or blocked ACV but a properly tuned pilot circuit will pop on the overrun
  4. GuyGraham

    Jetting for uk

    Do you have the workshop manual..if not get one from the yamaha austrailia site It tells you in there what the stock needle code is Usa and uk bikes are different...usa bikes used to have non adjustable needles as stock. Even uk bikes came with the 'correct' needle in a bag as the fitted needle was for emission purposes
  5. GuyGraham

    2019 YZ250FX Rear Shock Nitrogen

    Two local suspension shops have both told me its 175psi in a kyb rear shock I have had this put in with no issue Yamaha consider the shock unserviceable so dont give pressure for rebuild etc, they say to replace with new Check the race tech site it might say on there as well
  6. GuyGraham

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    Hand tapping is 1.5 turns fowards, 0.5 turn back Whilst dry tapping can work ok, you risk cold welding of the swarf to the tap which results in poor thread form Much better to use the correct technique with the corect lubricant and get a good thread first time every time
  7. GuyGraham

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    The correct lubricant for thread tapping/cutting aluminium, if I remember back to my apprenticeship days, is parafin (aka as kerosene in the USA)
  8. GuyGraham

    Hanguard Bar End Inserts Dont Hold.

    You should have had two diff types of insert with guards, both of which are Aluminium They are significantly different in size so you will instantly know which is the right one for the id of your bars When fitting them, assemble them so they need a light tap to get them in so they grip the id of the bars. If you put them in just loose you wont be able to make them grip and they wont tighten up
  9. GuyGraham

    Drive Sprocket Install Help Needed

    Buy a JT sprocket as I know thrse fit The old stock with smaller diameter cut out should be long since consumed OE sprockets are EXPENSIVE
  10. GuyGraham

    Tire question

    Not sure you can get anything wider than 90/90 or 90/100, as the rim width dictates tyre width and all 21" rims fitted to dirt bikes seem to 1.6ins wide so no wider tyres are made
  11. GuyGraham

    DRZ400S Forks

    As said above, totally normal and nothing to worry about
  12. GuyGraham

    Tire question

    90/90 are 90mm wide and 90% of 90mm tall ie 81mm 80 /100 tyres are 80mm wide and 100% of 80mm tall ie 80mm So if you think a 90mm is thin, the 80/100 will be worse
  13. GuyGraham

    Drive Sprocket Install Help Needed

    There are 2 different types of the same front sprocket, one of which doesnt fit the latest rev cylinder bikes. However your sprocket appears to be one that should fit as the recess in back face of the sprocket goes right up to the srlfcleaning cut outs where some dont...see this thread for a pic of both types (ignore the first bit of my post about sprocket coming loose as that was a red herring) It may be that OD of the grove in the back face still isnt big enough and is fouling on the crankcase
  14. GuyGraham

    Yam WR 250 2016 Starting Problem

    It should crank over in gear with clutch pulled in It sounds like a dodgy clutch interlock switch
  15. GuyGraham

    Cam timing, not even close

    It is is the auto-decompressor mechanism, which does away with the old style manual ones As the engine is turned over by the starter, a pin pushes on the cam to bleed cylinder pressure off. when the engine starts, the cam is spinning faster and centrifugal force acts on the 'lever' you can see and disables it