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  1. GuyGraham

    Can anyone help me identify these two parts?

    The rubber spacer is from the rear tank mounting Not sure on the metal spacer
  2. The Yam part numbers for the hubs say they are the same Shilo....look at your 2018 WR rear wheel by the mushroom heads of the spokes on the brake disc side, and does it say '5ET 00' cast into the metal? This is the 5ET hub used on every WR since 99 and uses a 22mm axle
  3. If they fit an 03 WR they will fit a 18 WR, as they use the same hubs (5ET rear and 5NG front) and therefore the same axle sizes The YZF and FX use different wheels
  4. GuyGraham

    Wheel Interchange: What fits what?

    Yamaha do this now on the WR250F The swingarm has 25mm slots and is off the YZ250F with the last rear wheel. For the WR they revert to the 5ET wheel with 22mm axle and just use blocks with smaller holes to sleeve ot down. The axle slots in the swingarm are still for 25mm axle and do not support the axle
  5. GuyGraham

    Drz longevity??

    I have had 3 big end failures each at ~15k miles on my DRZ, on 2 different engines. These were all OE Suzuki Rods Latest rod is a HotRods and is currently on 15k so we will see if this lasts longer I'm a more mature rider with 30yrs riding and spannering
  6. GuyGraham

    Handlebar Risers

    Yes they are fine. I found that risers also move the bars backwards due to the angle of the forks so I Also have these mounted on top of the risers whuch move the bars foward again (oh the joys of being 6ft 3ins) https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fp%2F1782671187%3Fiid%3D122858759749
  7. No problem...lay bike over onto RH side and there will be no oil loss
  8. GuyGraham

    Handlebar Risers

    Yep...I have bar risers (which fit into the OE bar clamps) and taller bars Bar risers are the cheapest way, something like this, with different sized plates so you tweak them to your liking (i have these type) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/APICO-28-6MM-HANDLEBAR-RISER-KIT-SILVER-TRIALS-FATBAR-OVERSIZED-BARS/113037332333
  9. GuyGraham

    Oil box repair...Will it work?

    sorry, you'll have to explain that one to me
  10. GuyGraham

    Oil box repair...Will it work?

    you do know ignorance is no defence
  11. GuyGraham

    Oil box repair...Will it work?

    Corrected that for you
  12. GuyGraham

    Engine rattle after head gasket replacement

    In that case then yes new parts needed. Might be the source of your noise Might be someone tried to remove the impeller in situwithout removing side case to hold the shaft on the bigger flats, and just tried to unscrew it resulting in it rounding out the hole in the bal shaft
  13. GuyGraham

    250FX elecronics guard neccessary?

    I run a home made one and Ive never had problems with mud becoming trapped
  14. GuyGraham

    Engine rattle after head gasket replacement

    Looks normal to me even the slight rust, as mine was the same As long as water pump impeller is turned by the balance shaft its good to go Shaft is a very loose fit with lots of rotational backlash in the balance shaft hole
  15. GuyGraham

    250FX elecronics guard neccessary?

    Plenty of threads on here about water in the relays causing issues Yamaha recognised it as an issue hence the guard on the later bikes The rear mudguard is different however at least one person on here retrofitted it using the earlier rear mudguard. It requires drilling and a spacer to replicate missing mounting bosses from the later muguard