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  1. Hey guys, Some of may know me from the forums, some of you may not. I put on the AZ TT Ride Days with the help of many others here in AZ. As some of you know, I am a single full time parent, I was recently laid off of my job, so I figured I would post something here and see if anything crops up. As a result of my laid off, I am having to sell my bike. If anyone knows or has any connections, or is looking for a dedicated IT professional, please throw my name their way. I am a responsible, and energetic individual with good interpersonal, communication, and resourceful skills with the ability to grasp new IT concepts, products, and technology in a timely manner. Team oriented, but can work independently if needed in large demanding corporate IT environments. When needed can bring IT servers down and back up if they crash and perform server administration functions with a working knowledge of a wide range of applications, networks and peripherals. I can support backup functions, Exchange administration, Antivirus and spam, Active Directory and Group policy enforcement, Windows Update Services and Patch management. Seeking challenging corporate IT support position, where I can use my notebook, workstation, network and server skills to help support a growing company. Sincerely, Christopher L Hills headshothills@yahoo.com
  2. Hey Thanks Kelster... This weekend will be the test... I took it out to Morgan City Wash last Sunday, still had the 12T CS sprocket on it, with the HRC cam, and oh man... Just as fast as you could shift it was in 5th screamin along...I was like...Crap..I need the 13T back on it.. My cousin rode it and thought it was in 3rd when he was actually in 5th, he was trying to pull 2 more gears he said...LMAO After chatting with Tony on this RHC187, he's pretty sure, even with MRD Dave degreeing the cam that it should out perform the HRC cam hands down with the head work done now..So Im gonna throw it in before we go this weekend and see how it does at the hill...Fingers Crossed!! 2+ bike lengths on a 06LTR500 Big Bore without head work...Should be 4+ now...HEHE
  3. Chills

    Destry got robbed

    Hey Destry... Sorry to hear about it bro...I had my truck stole in broad daylight from the gym, then vandalized that following Sunday, almost shot the guy running down the side of my house when the cops showed up... Definitely keep my eyes peeled.... So what was the cheapest thing?? LOL Prob a tire...Ok, I took 1 and only 1 tire...HEHE Can u take me out riding for my reward!! LOL Just kidding... Hopefully made you smile though... Chills
  4. I have the 187 cam, but it didnt perform, actually lost 5hp throughout the curve on the dyno...It might have been the head holding it back, but who knows... I am also considering the 208 cam...But we will just have to see what happens....
  5. I asked the same thing about the guides, but was assured it will be just fine...If you get the intake too smooth is has a counter effect...
  6. Well, Thanks to Tony at Yves Performance, its finally done. Tony had posted this info on another site, and I thought I would share it with you all. It was CNC'ed and at this point the valves seats have been CNC cut too with the contour BB. The head in the picture is flowing 286 cfm at a test pressure of 28" of h2o at .400" of lift. We also put in +1 Exh valves and CRF springs on the Exhaust. So I guess the next question to be answered, what will this do on the Dyno now...LOL It was at 51hp prior to port job...So it will be interesting.. Here is the Before and After Head Pics for porting... Before: Here is After:
  7. Chills

    Where did it go? Eddie....Ron...??

    Yah, I checked, its $100 bucks....
  8. Chills

    Where did it go? Eddie....Ron...??

    Ok, little confused here....That piston head looks waaaayyy to small, yes, the skirts look good, but I have never installed or seen a piston head with that much clearance around it. What did the head of the piston size read? How is the cylinder in your opinion? Does the size match up? There was some speculation that the cylinder might have suffered damage, but visually, I couldnt tell.... How could the piston hold compression, the blowby is right there on the sides of it down past the first set of rings??? I checked the valves, all of the clearances were in spec?? ***?? Where did the compression go? Tony at Yves will be handling the porting, flow bench, and possibly oversized valves. It if is a valves, maybe he will be able to tell.... Im kinda lost at this point...
  9. Chills

    Where did it go? Eddie....Ron...??

    It says it is, its the FS model, but I havent seen anything or software with it for doing it. Their website has the downloads, but I dont have the connection to do it... I will doublecheck it...
  10. Chills

    Where did it go? Eddie....Ron...??

    Eddie, what the hell...LOL Come on, gimme a straight answer damnit... So, maybe someone, Dave, Eddie, Ron, can explain to me the benifits of these different curves, what to use, or why to use which one. I understand the "Over 40 Degrees" but technically, the curve 1 setting doesnt do above 40 degrees...Right??
  11. Chills

    Where did it go? Eddie....Ron...??

    Hey Thanks for the reply Eddie... Less timing huh?? What will that do for performance?? Here is the Dynatek Ignition timing curve data sheet...Lemme know what you think. I primarily run the Curve 1 setting. Although, I found when I went to Gordons Well Dunes, that it was on the stock, Curve 4 setting, so I switched it. I had run the stock curve setting at Glamis, and I could definitely feel the heat of the motor. I didnt feel the heat as bad with the Curve 1 setting, but at Glamis running it on the Stock curve 4 setting, it definitely felt hot as hell....
  12. Chills

    Pipes for the 09

    HAHA...Theres gotta be someone to lend Dave @ MRD an 09 for him to play with...
  13. Chills

    Where did it go? Eddie....Ron...??

    Trust me, I am well aware how easy I got off on this one. Gonna have to make some changes for the future use of it when I get it back together... Here's my only hangup... This thing has been on the Dyno 5 times, we have had the A/F Ratio hooked up to it 4 out of the 5 times, Jerry Hall was the first to use it to get the jetting right, which we found that dropping it down to a 178 seemed like it was a safe margin. In all of the other dyno runs, this thing was well under the 13 mark, and didnt go above 13 until 9100rpms...at which point it was at 13.2 @ 10k.... I will have it on the dyno again, since I am getting the head work done, we will have to monitor the A/F ratio very closely. I will also run the thing on Race fuel, as well as put one of those Factory FX temp things on the side of the cylinder. Im wondering, Ron, Eddie, Dave, with the Port Job, will that change the jetting??
  14. Chills

    Where did it go? Eddie....Ron...??

    Yah I know, but there is only 1 place here in the valley that sells it, and they are like 45 miles 1-way away...LOL
  15. Chills

    Where did it go? Eddie....Ron...??

    Well 2 things...The MJ was the normal one run during all of the dynoing and Air/Fuel ratio reads, the MJ is a 178... The valves still retained the clearance, with the left intake valve decreasing .001 in clearance. So, note to self, prob need to run race fuel and a 180 or 182MJ at the dunes...