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  1. tgodwin

    migranes during/after riding

    I can usually alleviate my migraines with heating pack on the back of my neck and a little quite and a quick nap. Migraines suck and can really put a crimp on the fun. I believe mine came from trama associated with crazy skiing habits when I was young when I surely gave myself whiplash that went untreated. Have you encountered trama like this? I find regular visits to a good chiropractor also keep my migraines away. I finally broke down and went to the doctor and got a prescription, but the drugs suck and you endup having to go to sleep anyway to get rid of them. Sounds like you are on the right track with nutrition and fitness. Good luck.
  2. tgodwin

    DRZ-K to DRZ-E conversion Help needed

    The E-subframe is different that the K-subframe? I suppose this is to fit the battery box? Is this something we maybe able to fab up? Thanks for the quick repsponse Eddie!
  3. History: We are dealing with a 2001 DRZ-400K that has had a catastophic bottom end failure. To solve the problem we purchased a used motor with a sound bottom end. The replacement bottom end is from a DRZ-400E and therefore includes the electric starter. We are going to swap out the bottom ends because the original setup included a big bore head and is very much needed to keep up with one brother-in-law. Status: The new motor is here and we need to make it all work. Help needed from you TT'ers: We need to purchase the components to make a kick model into an e-start model. I figured the easiest way would be to purchase a wiring harness from an e that included the magic button and a starter solenoid. Does any have these parts? Does anyone know of a salvage or bike being parted out? Does anyone know of other items we have over looked? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. tgodwin

    anyone familar w spots to ride in placerville area

    Search for: Gold Note/Elkins Flat Georgetown Strawberry ...and just watch this forum, there is great riding all around you still, just a bit more regulated than any of us like, cheers.
  5. tgodwin

    Thanks To Swatdoc

    Well I was really disappointed we didn't win that motor, but I guess I'm happy it went to a fellow Thumper Talk guy. This is the motor from Ebay that closed a couple days ago right? Why are you replacing yours? We are in need of the bottom end. Do you have one you want to get rid of?
  6. tgodwin

    Sad, Sad CS Story - Need help.

    Thanks KMAN. I hit you gas can for you as well.
  7. tgodwin

    Sad, Sad CS Story - Need help.

    Thanks KMAN. This is what I'm looking for. There were a couple of really useful threads that I want to locate: 1. Home made Case Splitting tool 2. Home Made Engine Stand Anyone know these links? Also, since we are tearing the motor down nearly completely, is there any maintnence mods we should perform while we are in there? Thanks all.
  8. tgodwin

    Sad, Sad CS Story - Need help.

    Back Again...We didn't win the ebay auction for the motor so we are thinking of rebuilding and since we are pulling it apart we want to do the stroker setup. Can anyone point us in he right direction to where to buy kit? Do we need to get special cams for the stroker? Any pointers? Eddie?
  9. tgodwin

    Sad, Sad CS Story - Need help.

    Thanks guys. I'm serious. When things go wrong it is great to be able to turn to TT to find the sunnt side of things. I'm sure he will be interested in doing it. I will watch eBay for motors. I had that thought this morning. I haven't read about problems like this on here before. Is this a fluke or typical problem? What do you think the reliability of a parted motor would be for the tranny parts? I would think good. This is the first significant issue any of us have had with our DRZ's and we ride with a regular group of at least 4 DRZ's. When we go through it, we want to make sure we rebuild for the reliability we are used to. Any other suggestion of what to do since we have the cases apart? Thanks again.
  10. tgodwin

    Sad, Sad CS Story - Need help.

    OOOH, brightside. I know he will like that. He already is running a 470. Now I have to read a bunch more about the stroker. Thanks!
  11. tgodwin

    Sad, Sad CS Story - Need help.

    Thanks. Thats what I was thinking as well. It was either a broken shaft of it blew the bearings out completely allowing it to move. Anybody know what the price tag (roughly) is to buy all new transmission components? Anybody done this work themselves? Anybody?
  12. A friend's 2001 DRZ400K has met a horrible fate of the CS nut kind. Last fall we went for a ride and the CS nut came completely off. We repaired (the post is on here somewhere) and finished the ride. He has not had any oil leaks around the seal until.... We were riding last weekend when he experienced loss of drive. I pulled up and noticed the oil on the trail. The CS nut was tight, but the entire shaft was floating out of the case. The chain and his foot were the only things keeping it in. There were no loud clunks or grinding. We towed him back to the truck and had a beer with heads held low. In looking at the service manual it appears the only possible way to repair is through complete engine disassembly, splitting the cases. What broke to allow the driveshaft to float out like that? Seems like there should have been a lot more gear shattering noise? Any recommendations on repair are much appreciated.
  13. tgodwin

    Georgetown Status?

    Thanks. Sounds like Sunday for us. Hopefully it's a little warmer, but sounds like I won't care.
  14. tgodwin

    Georgetown Status?

    Does anyone know the wet weather status of Georgetown for this weekend? We wanted to ride up there two weeks ago, but understood most was closed due to snow. Will they keep that closed to preserve the trails? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. tgodwin

    Chasecam digital video recorder on my DRZ. Sweet!

    We want to see some video....please...