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  1. Soul Man

    Pw50 bogging

    Check jetting. Big Bore kit hopefully had guidelines. I put big bore on a Yamaha WR250F a few years ago and it did same thing. Makes it run richer (I had assumed would need bigger jetting to get more fuel, but the increased vacuum sucks more fuel in, as I recall). If you didn't re-jet it, that should be first step!
  2. Soul Man

    power modifications

    Mis-spoke when I said "flywheel/clutch", really just meant the clutch. Also, now that I'm re-visiting the issue, the clutch springs (heavier) or removing part of the shoe is really just for "hole shot" and acceleration. Won't add anything to top power, assuming you are getting it into the power band. When I first posted my dilemma, our bike wouldn't even move so it wasn't able to get up into where it makes useable power. Now that it does, I'm not sure the clutch mods would be worthwhile. Making sure the throttle opens fully is probably the key. I thought I had mine set up right, but pulled the air cleaner and looked at the slide in action and was still not getting full throttle. Now I appears the slide opens fully, and idle is normal, but I can't adjust any further without increasing the idle speed (and there is NO freeplay in the throttle).
  3. Soul Man

    power modifications

    I found this searching for advice also, but here's some things I've found: I had a hard time getting the throttle to fully open. Stock, it only opens about 1/2 way. I adjusted at the carb (turned it up until the idle just started to increase) and then adjust the bar end all the way out. It pretty much eliminates free play (and you should have slight free play) but had to do it to get the slide to go all the way up. I've read in the past (and part of what I'm searching for today) that if you decrease the weight of the flywheel/clutch it will engage at higher RPM's so it gets up into the powerband more quickly. The write ups I've read about that really sound like it makes a difference. I think this may be one of the biggest things to do. The clutch thing is to put in heavier springs (can be bought online, don't know if the Thumpertalk store sells them so don't want to link to vendors, be easy to search for). One person said to cut the clutch shoes in half (and I recall finding that recommended elsewhere back then once I searched). That allows it to engage at a higher RPM. Here's ThumperTalk link I started when I first got the bike, has some information you may find helpful.
  4. Soul Man

    PW50 Clutch adjustment?

    Delawhere, thanks for the info. It seems like it revs up pretty well before it engages (haven't put a tachometer on it, any idea what RPM's it "should" engage??). I took it to dealer, but it is out of warranty. I bought it before he was really tall enough for it, so it was about 6 months before he could really test it out. Had it out this weekend and he did fine. We were mostly riding on dirt roads and packed trails, but he was able to negotiate our clubs Pee Wee hare scramble type course. I had the throttle full open, and restrictor still in. Still took some effort to get going if in sand. Next time I may try with the exhaust restrictor out and then use the throttle stops to control his top speed (?) With the throttle able to fully open and the exhaust restrictor, it absolutely will not start with me on it unless I give a push with my feet. Once going it will keep going and I can ride it around.
  5. Soul Man

    PW50 Clutch adjustment?

    Thanks Spencer. I did have the throttle stop screw all the way out. That's one reason I thought the bike was broken as there is NO WAY it would move with the throttle stop in use (as the manual recommends). Now that I have the adjuster on the cable itself set, I can give him anything up to full throttle. I am going to take him out this weekend and try it out. Thanks for the help.
  6. Soul Man

    PW50 Clutch adjustment?

    Re: throttle stop. Funny that manual says once you adjust out the screw you can increase it further, but have to take to dealer. Was expecting an internal stop in carb (like my WR250F had), but it is just the inline adjusting screw. So I have full control over his throttle, and super easy to adjust in the field. Oset is great. I had my boy on it before he was two. I had to remove the rear shock, and even then he could barely touch the ground but could ride it pretty well. If you don't already have a "balance bike" you NEED to get one. I use(d) Striders. He was zipping around the house on that shortly after he could walk and it made transition to the oset easy. Oset has a potentiometer so can control top speed. It is a little fickle to adjust, but works well.
  7. Soul Man

    2013 PW50 Restrictor plate question

    Thanks. Gasket from washer. As per the top pic in the OP, I couldn't really find the gap between the washer and the gasket, but I'll look again. The pics I found on the Yamaha parts finder showed it all as one piece, your pic makes it more clear. Thanks again. Greg
  8. Soul Man

    PW50 Clutch adjustment?

    Thanks. My boy is 4 1/2 and only 38 lbs. He's been riding an Oset (electric bike) for 2 years. I'll try to get lighter springs (only ones I find online a stiffer) and then open up the throttle. that way it should at least start moving and then he can throttle down once it gets going.
  9. Soul Man

    2013 PW50 Restrictor plate question

    BUMP. Manual says take it out, remove the restrictor and then put the gasket back. I couldn't find anyway to remove the restrictor part either. I don't see Yamaha offering a part that is just the gasket without the restrictor (https://www.shopyamaha.com/parts-catalog/parts/street-mcy?ls=Street#/Yamaha/PW50_-_PW50F1_-_2015/EXHAUST/PW50F1_(2015_MOTORCYCLE)/EXHAUST_(PW50F1_-_2015) part #2. Do I have to drill it out? I have a pretty awesome set of tools, but not a drill bit that size outside of spade bits for wood or a hole saw. there has to be a way to remove the plate..... Even if I had the right drill bit, I'd be leary about holding it (vise etc) without damaging the gasket portion. Edit: Actually, I guess I do have step drill bits that would work. I forgot about those (http://www.grainger.com/category/step-drill-bits/drilling-accessories/power-tools/ecatalog/N-ak4). Still, what is best way to hold the gasket while drilling it.... Edit 2: the manual says to save the plate with the instruction manual, so there HAS to be a way to remove it. (Do you peel back what looks like a band of corrugated metal that is wrapped around the gasket/restrictor?!?! Mine sure appears to be one piece...)
  10. Soul Man

    PW50 Clutch adjustment?

    OK, thanks. I had just looked over the bike the night before and was wondering how I could have missed anything remotely looking like an adjustment device I had found some references to cutting the shoes. It seems to me that would make it engage later (less friction surface, less mass on the shoes which I think is part of the "centrifugal" part of the clutch operation). In fact, most of the posts I've found have been about making the clutch engage LATER so it has to rev more to engage (which then gives faster acceleration). I can't imagine mine is working right. If someone tried to use it with the throttle stop, it wouldn't move at all (perhaps it would on pavement or real hard pack....) It really makes it impossible to ride it slow, and most of what I want to do with my son is woods riding/hare scrambles so he needs to be able to go around tighter turns at something other than full throttle. I will probably try lighter springs, but Yamaha never intended for that tranny cover to come off with the motor in the frame
  11. Soul Man

    PW50 Clutch adjustment?

    Thanks. I ordered a shop manual. Any pics you can link to where the nut is? I tired to take clutch cover off, but there is a plastic cover (that wont' come off without removing the engine from frame). I think I could take the whole R side tranny cover off with the motor in frame. Is the nut external??
  12. Soul Man

    PW50 Clutch adjustment?

    Bought a brand new PW50 for my son, but was too small to ride it. First ride yesterday (he now fits it with shaved seat, but is also now out of warrenty) and the clutch does not seem to engage. I have to give him a tlittle push to get going and once gon it rides/runs well but if he stops (or slows down in sand) it wil not accelerate even under full throttle. I have the throttle screw all the way out. I'd rather not take out the exhaust restrictor now (since when it gets going it is fast enough for him). In sand, I can roll the throttle full on with my index finger, and can prevent the bike from moving with just the one index finger (with no rider on the bike). on pavement/hard pack it will pull slightly but with him on it (37 pounds) it won't move off unless I give him a push or he pushes with his feet. I think the clutch is just engaging WAY later than it should. I can't find any info on adjusting the clutch. Brand new bike (but out of warranty as I had to wait 4-5 mo for him to grow into it). Runs fine otherwise (starts fine, revs properly, once going it is fast enough (as fast as his Oset 12)) so I am certain it is the clutch engagement. Has oil in the case. It did this from day one, but the first time I had him try riding it, it was too tall so I couldn't really test (but I noticed it seemed to not want to accelerate from a stop).
  13. Soul Man

    Thunder Valley MX questions

    Riding tomorrow, . White f150 with FL tags, 2 ktms. Me (Greg) and Joe (jvann13)
  14. Soul Man

    300 Linkage or Not

    Can't compare KTM link/no link. Went from a WR250F (linkage) to my KTM 200XC (no linkage). I am very happy with the suspension and don't notice any issues from not having a link (mainly trail/harescramble riding). Just re-greased my suspension and again thought several times "Thank God I don't have all that linkage crap". I think the no-link suspension rides fine and the maintanence is a million times easier. I'd vote no link. Talk to your suspension guy, but I think you can simulate linkage by using one of the variable rate springs. The guy that set up my bike doesn't use them, but that may give you a linkage type ride without all the linkage maintanence hassle.