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  1. Aual1810

    Lime on the track

    That moment when one of Ralph's corny phrases like, "These riders will be battling the track as much as each other tonight" takes on a whole new meaning. lol
  2. Aual1810

    2002 yz250 - barn find

    I wouldn't think you need one. You can look up a jetting chart for your bike/altitude and get it right. That bike is awesome though. I have an 02 as well and ride east coast woods stuff, I personally don't like the FWW as much as others. I just use a 14/51 gearing and it works great for offroad. I also put SSS forks and a CR front brake system on mine and they are great, but I didn't have the chance to run the stock setup so I don't really have much to compare to.
  3. Aual1810

    Negative Travel in Fork Leg

    Alright I was silly enough to hope that it might be something I could tackle without pulling the forks apart again, but it looks like I'll just take them down and inspect everything again. I'll update back here with what I find.
  4. So I have been noticing some awkward feelings in my forks for a while now. The biggest tell was that when crossing logs it felt like there was a dead space between the tire hitting the log and the fork action starting. This made me pretty gun shy so I have not ridden the bike since then. I had the front wheel off earlier and noticed that the non brake side lower leg extends way farther than the other fork, far enough that I can see the taper near the top of the lower leg. After I let go of the leg it then springs right back up to normal height. I rebuilt the forks about a month ago, but everything seemed normal when I pulled them apart. I am guessing that I made a mistake while assembling and that is the cause of the issue I have now, but the brake side fork seems to act as normal. Any help at all would be appreciated. The forks are KYB SSS off of a 2007 YZ450f.
  5. Aual1810

    Lingering SSS Conversion Issues

    I know what you mean, just looking to get some input. Thinking back, I did not measure the springs before putting the forks back together so that very well could be the issue. I’ll try to take them apart again this week and check that
  6. Aual1810

    Lingering SSS Conversion Issues

    How is preload in the fork springs adjusted? I’m running stock springs as far as I know(bought the suspension online).
  7. So I have had 2007 YZ450f forks on my steel frame yz250 for a while now, but there are still a few issues that I am still having. First off, there is a little bit of creaking noises coming from the steering stem, I know now that I should have pressed the steering stem from the steel frame triples into the SSS clamps. I will be swapping the stems this week so I am hoping that fixes the issue. I may also look into replacing the bearings as well. Any input on this would definitely be helpful if anyone has had this issue. Also, while riding it feels like there is a small amount of free play in the forks at the beginning of the stroke. This has been going on for a while but I recently took the forks apart and replaced bushings and seals which did not fix the issues. One thing that I did notice when the forks were taken apart is that the springs attached to the free piston were not compressed which allowed the piston to have about a half inch of play before it would engage. I researched it a little bit and from what I could find certain models of the SSS fork have a spacer that goes between the spring and the cap that eliminates this play. From what I could find this model did not need the spacer, but I am considering adding one just for the piece of mind of having no free play in the fork action. Does anyone have any experience and/or know if the spacers can be added to other model forks?
  8. Is this normal for a brand new pressure plate? I noticed similar scratches on the old clutch that I took out and didn’t notice anything that looked gouged on the outer clutch cover and I thought that was odd. Now I get the new one in and it seems to be the same way. Even on the outer edge of the holes for springs and bolts it feels very jagged. If I had a dremel I might try to clean it up but unfortunately I don’t. Does anyone know why yamaha does this to their pressure plates?
  9. Aual1810

    2013 KTM 250xc Clutch Lever Pivot Bolt Dimensions

    That’s awesome. Thanks so much I’ll measure mine and order one if it works. I really appreciate it
  10. Really random question... So I bought a Fly clutch perch for a Yamaha(Cheap way out I know) but the pivot bolt broke as soon as I tried to tighten it and in a scramble I found an old KTM bolt off the bike I listed above that had the right threads and got me through the one race. The only problem is that the only bolt that I have is the one that is meant to go onto the stock hand guards and is wayy too long. So I was just curious if anyone knows the size of the original pivot bolt so I know it will work before I drop $25 on a KTM bolt that is apparently gold plated I guess? lol. I really only need to know the length(depth) of the solid round piece so the I can make sure that it is the right length for the lever I already have. If anyone knew the threads as well that would definitely be helpful too. Thanks so much in advance!
  11. So I’m looking to do a night race in the near future but I’m trying to save some money on my light setup. I currently have the task 12 inch light bar which I love, but I only have the hardwire setup and need the battery pack setup for my current bike. I’ve been looking around and have found light bars that look very similar to the task one, but I have not been able to find just the battery anywhere so far. I know I’m a cheapskate that’s in the wrong hobby but just curious if anyone has found substitutes for the 12 volt battery pack.
  12. That's awesome!! Thank you so much, and yes you're right about keeping it light and riding some tight stuff. Those are so many small things that I wouldn't have thought about otherwise. I'm still dreaming right now but I am definitely going to make this happen someday soon.
  13. Yea that was one issue I had thought about was how much it all would affect the quality of the ride. With a small group it looks like packing wouldn't be too much. More than likely stops would be at cafes and what not so cooking would be minimal. I hope to take the easy way out and rent, but there's no telling if that would be a possibility so I was just wanting to get a decent idea at what would be required to camp and make about a three day trip out of the whole experience.
  14. So, a friend and I were talking the other day about bachelor trips that would be related to either dirt bikes or really any kind of motorsports. That being said this really isn't something that being planned right now we were just curious about whether something like this existed. First off, it would be a small group of around four, and all riders would have a lot of riding experience (all between a and b class offroad riders). We all live in the southeast U.S. so ideally it would be something that we could road trip to in about half a day, so that would be pretty much all of the east coast and Appalachian mountains area. We would probably ride dual sports so the trip would definitely need to be more trail oriented, but still would like to cover a lot of ground and complete at least 200 miles. We would be open to flying out to Colorado to ride, but prefer having something in driving distance. I guess my main questions are: Do dual sport riding and rentals similar to what you see in places like Colorado exist on the east coast? If so, Where and What? Does anyone have any experience with bikepacking on dual sports? Camping would more than likely be involved at some point and I have no experience with carrying gear for a ride. What other motorsports suggestions do you have? I also think it would be cool to go somewhere and ride flat track for the day or possibly even trials, but I'm not sure if its even feasible to do that.
  15. Aual1810

    Yz250 not getting spark troubleshooting

    Alright that’s what I was thinking. I bought this one used off of eBay for cheap so maybe I got sold a dud. I’ll try to run through it tonight and see what the problem is.