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    i love to shop! its more than a hobby, its a way of life.
  1. texdez

    Racetown 11/19

    dejavu, i haven't posted on TT in months and here is an active thread i started a year ago? cool! so, the original post from last year is good again with 2 edits - its the 18th this year and no free lessons from RDMX training! its the annual scmx ride day at racetown. mini-races after dark! weeeee!!
  2. texdez

    Is Piru MX where Indian Dunes used to be?

    yup. its close to indian dunes, but not. piru is what used to be called lemon grove.
  3. texdez

    race around the lake

    i can't believe you're going to do that stupid thing again this year, mike! it was so expensive and rd only rode 30 minutes! that day sucked ass. oh, wait, you want another stick of motobalm, right?
  4. texdez

    Lake Elsinore MX Park?

    go ask about it here = www.socalmotocross.com
  5. texdez

    Enough Is Enough District 37-Power-brokers!

    you're welcome to start posting full reports and ads on... oh wait, i'll pm you because the TT mods won't like it if i "say it outloud." there is separatism EVERYWHERE!
  6. texdez

    So Cal race track, which one

    check out www.socalmotocross.com.
  7. texdez

    Newb needs help

    i'll say it again....
  8. texdez

    O.T. Need help, daughters acne...

    i went on the pill when i was 16 because i had horrible migraines that were hormone related. i was "told" (to this day i don't know if it was true or just to make me think twice) that i was on the mini-pill (which i've heard of) and that the dosage was not quite enough to keep me from getting pregnant - that it might or might not, no telling. and it cleared my migraines right up - and i never had problems with my skin. very thankful that my mom didn't keep me from it.
  9. texdez


    you could ask that at socalmotocross.com, two people i know were just there last week for the first round.
  10. texdez

    Newb needs help

    if you're on the bike, and the bike is on, all your gear should be on you.
  11. texdez

    More and More Women Riding These Days.

    crap, i think this means i need to get a quad! i don't want one! don't make me! i didn't know there were weight restrictions...dammit!
  12. texdez

    Gorman Track Help...Lessons

    you can get a private or a group lesson (cheaper) at any socal track you choose from rdmx training - www.socalmotocross.com. lessons are going to start up again in about a month. rd of rdmx is recovering from an injury right now, but should be back out there soon. pm me if you want more info.
  13. texdez

    AV Motoplex

    my bf goes during the week all the time because it isn't crowded at all. well, he did, before he broke both his ankles there. but he'll be back! the first thing out of his mouth when robert (the track owner) rushed to him as he was laying flat out on the track was - "robert, this track is so great! i love it!" i'd say that is a testimonial.
  14. texdez

    wifes getting a quad

    i loooooooooooove my 150 and feel great about being able to put my feet down. the weight doesn't bother me - i can pick it up - once i learned the proper way to do it. plus, being able to put my food down makes me confident and so i really don't dump it much any more!! anyway - i'm not injured, but my sweet darling better half (also other half of the income half) broke both of his ankles and ruptured his left achilled tendon at AV motoplex on march 2nd. as long as he ain't ridin', i ain't ridin'. offer still stands....its a FUN bike. has she tried a riding lesson? the honda school in colton will let you ride different sized hondas to see what fits you best.
  15. texdez

    wifes getting a quad

    i'm not THAT far from you (burbank) - she can try my bike if you'd like. pm me. its an '04 crf150 that is a pain in the arse to kick. but the new ones have the button, so if she can ride it (after you start it probably) and enjoys it (minus the not being able to start it part) then you can stay away from the stinkin' quad!