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  1. Jtclark13

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    Pulling for my Midwest guy Plessinger!
  2. Jtclark13

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    Yep, that was a welcome back move, no special treatment!
  3. Jtclark13

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    Wow, smoker commercial!
  4. Jtclark13

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    Damn this is going to be a fun year!
  5. Jtclark13

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    This is why I hate basketball, lets go!
  6. Jtclark13

    What jackets?

    I’d check out Klim. I like Revit a lot and have the Neptune GTX pants for winter riding, but I’ve learned I like a jacket with Gortex built in vs the zip in liner. It is so much more rider friendly. You give up some hot weather comfort, but zipping up vents on the fly vs pulling over and zipping in a liner in the rain is no contest. You can find some great gear in the flea markets of many sites regardless of which way you go. Most of my gear was bought this way, and all were new with tags at a huge discount.
  7. Jtclark13

    Jetting for dummies--Silverton CO trip

    So unfortunate circumstances with my grandfather's passing cancelled our trip, so looks like I got some good practice and knowledge for next year. Hope to get a trip scheduled for Mid-September somewhere closer, maybe the mountains in WVA? If anyone has recommdations on some good fire/mountain road riding in the Smokies/Appalachian Mountains let me know.
  8. Jtclark13

    Jetting for dummies--Silverton CO trip

    That's interesting feedback. The chart that JD sent me had settings for 6-9k and then 9k+. With Silverton being right at 9k I was going to setup for the 9k+, you think that's an issue? And I definitely won't forget to change it back. We hit home late Thursday and then have a dual sport ride that Saturday/Sunday. So I'll be rejetting and getting my more aggressive wheel setup back on the bike Friday. Could be worse
  9. Jtclark13

    Jetting for dummies--Silverton CO trip

    Good news, I was able to get in touch with the previous owner and he still had the rest of the kit and is dropping it by the house tonight! Just need to install the 165 and red needle and I'm good to go. Just hope I get the carb seated back in properly. Thanks to Cincyboy for the advice.
  10. Jtclark13

    Jetting for dummies--Silverton CO trip

    Got the carb apart to see that I have the 175 jet and blue needle, so it's at the far spectrum from what I need at 12k feet. Guessing I need to just order a new kit so I'll have the right needle and jet. Was hoping I had something to work with. Any suggestions other than buying new?
  11. I'm having a hard time finding info I can understand since I'm mechanically challanged, so thought I'd lay out my dilemma. I've got an '08 450EXC that was bought with a JD Kit, but I didn't get any of the jets/parts that weren't already installed. I live in Louisville KY and will be taking the bike to Silverton in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to figure out if I need to make any changes. Is this definitely something I need to address, or will I just see a drop in performance? I'm willing to jump in feet first if I know what to do, but it seams like the carb work can take some time and skill to get right. I'd hate to drop $80 on a new kit and hope I get it right, but I also don't want to drive all the way to CO and have a bike that won't run. Let me know your thoughts, and don't hold back with the newbie bashing, I'm not trying to kid myself about my mechanical deficiencies. JC
  12. Jtclark13

    KTM 450 EXC-R (2008)


    Too much for me now, but working on fixing that!
  13. Jtclark13

    KTM 450 EXC-R 2008

    Too much for me now, but working on fixing that!
  14. Jtclark13

    500 EXC Spare Wheels?

    I'm looking to do the same thing. I have an '08 450 exc, will all years except the new '16 work? I'm keeping my eye on the various flea markets and the '15 seem to be questionable to many as to whether it would fit mine without spacers.