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  1. 7Tktm

    Where can I find a repair manual for a '10 xcw?

    You can download repair manual free (whole thing or selected pages) for your 2010 xcw from kristofsx.com. I've had a look and it is there - you have to scroll well down, think it covers 2005 - 2010. Bob
  2. 7Tktm

    2005 KTM 125 power valve adjustment?

    Agree it's an older bike, possible the control lever is worn where it runs up the shaft. I've re-read his last thread and it appears, if I am reading it correctly, that the control segment is at the top of the 'window', ie flap and valves closed, but when he revs it is only opening as far as the 'control' mark on the securing plate. Certainly have to remove the clutch cover and check the control lever to see if it has a half circle worn in the end and also check the ball bearings haven't jumped ramps which deffo stops the pv from opening fully.
  3. 7Tktm

    2005 KTM 125 power valve adjustment?

    Hmm. For the factory setting (which we prefer) - when idling the inner stroke should be higher than the fixed lines then when you rev it hard the moving line travels down almost out of sight at the bottom of the inspection window. That is how it should be set to give you power through the whole rev range. Have you tried adjusting the moving stroke back up to the top then see how far it travels when revved hard
  4. 7Tktm

    2005 KTM 125 power valve adjustment?

    Ah, ok. There is a process you go through with the power valve which is a very simple but good system. First is to make sure it is meshed. If so then move on to next stage. All it requires is a quick rev, even when cold, to see if it is opening. We run our bikes up and down the street when issues - must have good neighbours. Bob.
  5. 7Tktm

    1999 KTM65 Crankshaft

    You could try Andrew Cooksey at cookseycrank.com. Despite me being from the UK, everyone (well not you obviously lol) has heard of him. Absolute legend with KTM bottom ends. Sometimes he takes a break from doing them but will point you in the right direction. He is based in Texas. Worth a try. I've watched most of his videos - clever guy. Bob.
  6. 7Tktm

    2005 KTM 125 power valve adjustment?

    Hmm. Have you checked that the valves are opening yet when you rev the bike? It is the most common problem. The 'governor' or centrifugal timer is a foolproof mechanism. The only thing that goes wrong with it is for the one or more of the 4 ball bearings jumping ramps which stops the valves opening fully. Easy to fix yourself but you would need to remove the clutch cover. You would be best to check the valves are opening first to ensure the system is actually connected, but if you don't want to then it's up to you. Bob
  7. 7Tktm

    2011 KTM 250 XCW Spark plug?

    Hi, presume it is for the 2T and not the 4T (your post is in the 4T section) although you don't mention the F word.
  8. 7Tktm

    2011 KTM 250 XCW Spark plug?

    USA spec bike came with BR7ES from factory.
  9. 7Tktm

    2005 KTM 125 power valve adjustment?

    Hi, with the left hand pv cover off (the one with the breather pipe) check that the valves are opening. Give the bike a real hard rev and you should see a bracket with a stroke in it turning down to the bottom of the 'window' and returning back up to the top as you return to idle. Check that first. Bob
  10. 7Tktm

    Engine revs to the moon when I cold start the bike

    Hi yes I have heard of them revving higher on a choke start (maybe not to the point of hitting the kill button!) when not used for a while. We drain our carbs after use and never use mix over a week old. That's just how we do things and have never experienced this, but then again, our jetting is always as near correct as we can get it . We often change jetting several times over an mx weekend while some people never change it summer and winter lol
  11. 7Tktm

    Engine revs to the moon when I cold start the bike

    Normal? We've raced 125 KTMs for years and they don't rev so high on choke start up that we feel obliged to use the kill button. To be fair the choke is pushed off very quickly after start up . We also have a 2019 250sx which we've found needs longer on the choke after initial start up at track but it certainly doesn't rev as described by the OP. As usual he doesn't give a lot of details about current jetting.
  12. 7Tktm

    Engine revs to the moon when I cold start the bike

    I would start with the easy things first. Sounds like it is lean on the pilot/dirty pilot or a/s not correct. Try cleaning the pilot and see how many turns out your a/s is. You turn it in to richen and out to lean. Should really be between 1 and 3 turns out with the correct pilot.. You can normally cure a mental over rev on start up with it adjusted correctly. People adjust the slide screw to get their bikes to idle when the a/s adjustment is the culprit. Try that first and see how you get on. Bob
  13. 7Tktm

    Pipes scalvini or fmf

    Thanks for the vote on the PC. That's def what we are buying for our 250sx. And to be fair, I did say the 125 Scalvini was a top end pipe, which is what you should want if you race 125s at a decent level.
  14. 7Tktm

    18 150sx Sticky Power Valve?

    It was only a thought as it looks really tough for the valve pins to run round that curve. However as you say it obviously works as intended. Not sure why both our 125 ones are so easy to click between open and closed. 150s pah! lol Bob.
  15. 7Tktm

    18 150sx Sticky Power Valve?

    Hi, It's f1moto.com/au who sells them. Anyway, we fitted a 150 kit to one of our 125s for open winter racing and I found the valves really tight compared to the 125 (they are bigger hence come with the kit). Got the same answer 3 times from KTM so fitted it. Soon as it was started with the left hand cover off saw the valves were running up and down the guides just fine. Can't help thinking it must sap a bit power? Guess the engine is stronger than my fingers lol. Bob