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  1. +1 not usually a problem. I've never not had a bit of magnet fur at an oil change.
  2. clappedoutkx

    Which FMF silencer?

    The Turbinecore is definitely louder than stock on my Husky TE125. The Q is also slightly louder than stock, but its very close. I only run an aftermarket silencer because I need the spark arrestor.
  3. clappedoutkx

    2017 ktm

    I'd choose the 250.
  4. clappedoutkx

    2017 ktm

    How much do you weigh, and what are your trails like?
  5. clappedoutkx

    KX250 vs XR600

    Don't sell a bike to buy one that will "hold its resale longer". That KX250 will hold its value like a 57 Vette until the day you sell it.
  6. clappedoutkx

    2017 Supercross Seattle Bench Racing Rd14

    He's won plenty coming up, but I hate Honda, and am apathetic about Suzuki dirtbikes (except for the RM125/250). There's a soft spot in my heart for Kawi's.
  7. clappedoutkx

    2017 Supercross Seattle Bench Racing Rd14

    He's been on my radar for several years. I only became a fan when he got on a green bike, though.
  8. I bet there's yammies and hondas in that pic somewhere.
  9. clappedoutkx

    Which KX 250 for bottom end power?

    They say that about almost every bike. They also always add a tooth to the rear sprocket.
  10. So, Sycamore is a student at the Krannie school of trolling?
  11. I find it interesting that the EU ECU doesn't work with OI. I thought they originally developed OI to improve emissions for European regs?
  12. Yeah, I was just hoping he would come back and stir the pot a little harder than "why, indeed". Maybe tell us that the Taliban rides KTM, or something else as silly and provocative as his OP.
  13. That's it, no fresh insight on why orange is bad?
  14. clappedoutkx

    KX125 wont start?? Help!

    Test the leakdown if you can; It's 13 years old and the crank seals are suspect. The jetting is probably crazy rich or the float height is off. My 03 KX125 came from the factory with jetting that would suit nitrous at sea level on ice. It would foul plugs even on a MX track. https://www.procircuit.com/jettingspecs3.htm http://store.fmfracing.com/Jetting
  15. clappedoutkx

    What do you dirtbikers do for a living??

    How'd we get on the topic of religion?