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  1. Way Fast Whitey

    what plug to run, 2002 cr 125

    helping out a buddy with a project bike, wondering what plug to run in a 2002 cr 125. he bought it blow in every which way so we could fix it and make it affordable for him, and it didn't have a plug or a owners manual, and nothing comes up in the search or in google search. plus i'm on dial up so loading pages is a bitch, if you could help up it would be much appreiated. thanks guys
  2. Way Fast Whitey

    Advantages of '03CR250 vs '00CR250?

    i said they are cheap, shut up you guys.
  3. Way Fast Whitey

    Nice evening...

    if you invited some girls my age all they need is a few drinks and they all-of-a-sudden what to take there shirts off but ya i love working on bikes, i stayed up until 12 in the morning once, started working on it at eight heres what i did in just 4 hours. in no order install new chain and sprockets, all plastics, new seat(had to be modified to fit), new grips, both new levers, graphics, air filter, and exhuast. i thought i did pretty good for time?
  4. Way Fast Whitey

    Putting on muscle

    get onto a good routine like a 4 day split, monday is shoulders and tri's, tuesday back, wednesday off, thursday chest and bi's, friday legs. worked well for me, i ate about 300 grams of protien a day, 400 carbs and usually 70-90 grams of fat, 3500 calories. gained 15 pounds of muscle over the winter, iim still chubby so i'm back to losing weight now. not much longer and i will go 12 months straight just trying to get big. yes take extra protien, ON's 100% whey is my favorite, double rich chocolate or extreme milk chocolate, if you want to get the extra cals or are having a hard time meeting calories requirements, take a weight gainer protien shake, personally i use muscle milk and muscle juice, i perfere the taste of muscle milk but muscle juice is so cheap, $26 for 10.5 pounds. and i take creatine, makes you look a little fuller and helps with strength, a little. good luck, it becomes a life style if your serious about it, have fun dude.
  5. Way Fast Whitey

    pics of my CR 250

    yes i polished the frame by hand, took hours cuase at first i didn't know what to do....all in all probably around 8 hours.
  6. Way Fast Whitey

    pics of my CR 250

    ya i'm not too worried about the seat.....it ran so good yesterday but with some pinging, i'm gonna have to get some VP in 'er.
  7. Way Fast Whitey

    wiseco piston

    i'm not underage......***?
  8. Way Fast Whitey

    pics of my CR 250

    lemme know what you think. should have some action pics from fridays pit run
  9. Way Fast Whitey

    could i ask a favor, honda 2 stroke section?

    thanks bud. some good gas coming your way!
  10. Way Fast Whitey

    wiseco piston

    lol i was gonna anwser this last night at about 3 am but i was way too drunk, tried typing and it came out somethign like "oigho a 4 strokw wouklld beni iols lkie gtghat" so i shut off my computer and went to bed good answer dude
  11. Way Fast Whitey

    another shock bearing thread

    lol what? they stole that line from me!!!
  12. Way Fast Whitey

    could i ask a favor, honda 2 stroke section?

    yes i know.....
  13. i need torque specs for the following.... rear sprocket bolts front sprocket bolt(also, do i use some thread locker?) upper shock bolt thats it pretty easy huh? do this for me and i'll post pics of my bike in.....maybe 5 days???? its gonna sick once its back together!!!!!
  14. Way Fast Whitey

    how much to cut my chain?

    hey man, i experimented with this cuase i wanted to have my rear tire as far foward as possible. beleive it or not, if you took off a 114 link chain, a 115 link chain or a 113 link chain will not fit. 1 link makes a HUGE difference. you cannot cut it 1 link shorter and expect it to fit cuase it will be WAY short. good luck dude
  15. Way Fast Whitey

    another shock bearing thread

    my dad got it out before i got home today....he used some sort of pick he picked up at a local parts store. my parts get here next monday, watch for a thread with pics its gonna be tight ya'll!