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  1. onecheaprobot

    Will an 04R swingarm fit on an 04X?

    The swingarm assembly part numbers are different, but what is the difference between the 04R arm and the 04X arm? Will it work?
  2. onecheaprobot

    Where to buy New Bike around Colorado?

    bought an 04 X for 5600 otd fro sun when they first came out.... fay myers likes to charge for set up, docking, shipping, handling, talking, paper work, electricity usage.... they always try to include some kind of xtra charge...
  3. onecheaprobot

    Steering Dampener Recommendations

    scotts with the sub mount.... love mine, just make sure you find the right bar for your riding style, the sub mount raises bar hieght 24mm. check out my garage to see the set up.
  4. try wet okole they are out of hawaii. there seat covers fit perfect for the specific vehicle, plus they are made out of neroprene www.wetokole.com
  5. onecheaprobot

    Best Radiator gaurds/braces?

    had devols... smashed one, switched to rooster's and haven't had any problems
  6. onecheaprobot

    Head Pipe Heat Burning my Pants

    use some header wrap.....
  7. onecheaprobot

    black crf

    check out my goon bike in my garage.... i guess i'm a goon mechanic, that rides woods. oh yeah how do you say in aussi... piss off
  8. onecheaprobot

    CRF250 oil usage.....

    Now that I've done my new topend, no more used oil. Last year when I took delivery from the dealer, they had already started it.... I was always adding oil. Not any more, dry assembly + hard break-in = no oil loss, unless the bike is upside down from bailing on gnarly hill climb.
  9. onecheaprobot

    Looking for Tripmeter

    I'll sell you mine, 50$ plus s&h. Let me know if you would like it, pm me and let me know if you are intrested.
  10. onecheaprobot

    Cycra: Front or side triple clamp mount?

  11. onecheaprobot

    Cycra: Front or side triple clamp mount?

    I have the side mounts with my Cycras. Since I cut my bars down 27mm on each side, I had to cut the guards down and drill new holes. No big deal, they work great. Since I don't run the stock headlight on my X there was no need to modify the mounts. I like them a whole lot better than the Rally II, and the Rally Pros.
  12. onecheaprobot

    Dr.D exhaust

    I got mine for the same price shipped right here from the TT store
  13. onecheaprobot

    Confessions of an aftermarket junky

    pic pics pics.... wanna see some pics
  14. onecheaprobot

    Changed piston but now need oil question answered.

    might be doing this after that
  15. onecheaprobot

    Warranty for Valves or Bog?

    1st valve prob = hard to start, runs crappy, check them your self, it's easy 2nd bog = when you pop the throttle it'll bog or it won't, rejet 3rd warrant = there are no warranties with this bike sounds like you'll be getting a CA version, take off the emissions stuff, rejet and you'll be fine. do a search to find out more info.