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  1. Just picked up this 07 TE510. Solid deal especially with only 1k miles. Needs to be cleaned up a bit and get some new tires, but otherwise it is going to be a fun dual sport bike. Will post more pictures once this rain dies down.
  2. VTMTcowboy

    CA Street legal

    I don't want to be that guy that tells you to do a search, but there is a ton of info on this subject. The problem is that nothing is definitive, most are case by case scenarios. Chances are you will be safe if the bike your purchasing is currently registered in CA and everything is up to date. Also, as long as it looks the part and has the necessary equipment when your riding on the road the cops shouldn't really mess with you. To me it is not worth the risk, even if it is a really small risk, I'd rather just pay up and get a factory 50 state legal bike and sleep sound at night. None of it makes sense (coming from a very lenient state), but ultimately I choose to live here, so I have to live with the nutty dual sport laws. That probably doesn't solve anything, but maybe it helps guide your decision. Good luck.
  3. The 350 RRE was outstanding. By far my favorite bike, but here in CA it is difficult to get it plated, so the 350 RR-S is the bike of choice. Either way I'd be happy, but that race edition 350 was sweet!
  4. VTMTcowboy

    New beta reliable ?

    Yeah it was a great bike (on and off road), probably shouldn't have sold it but wanted to go in a different direction at the time. It is actually for sale again up in Oregon. The person selling it is asking more than I sold it for haha. Was thinking about making an offer, but need my truck paid off first before getting a second bike. Found a nice 2013 520rs here in CA as well that is tempting. Craigslist is dangerous...
  5. VTMTcowboy

    New beta reliable ?

    Can't speak for the 2-strokes. But I had a 15' RS500 and had no mechanical or electrical problems at all. Might have been lucky, but definitely will be back on a Beta again soon.
  6. Great job all around JD! I was able to attend the demo day up in Northern CA and had a blast. Wish the track was a bit longer, but all in all it was a dream to be able to ride that variety of brand new bikes right in a row. Wasn't able to ride the 200 because it hadn't been imported yet (first stop on the tour), but the 125 was still a fun little bike. For decision making, the demo is a must (hind sight). I was going back and forth between the 390 and 350, read every review, watched tons of videos, gathered any info I could, but nothing is more exact than seat time. Prior to the demo I was pretty adamant the 390 would be my next bike, but after the demo, I came away 100% convinced with the 350. Go figure right. Still haven't bought the bike due to some financial responsibilities, but hopefully later this year or might wait for the 20' to come out. Anyhow, thanks again and great job with the interviews!
  7. Definitely would have also bought it! Would just take my time and piece it together little by little, but ultimately I'd probably go over board and turn it into a solid woods bike. Either way, $100 is nothing for what you are getting. Great pickup!
  8. VTMTcowboy

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Looks absolutely mint! Did the same thing with my 04 KDX 200. Paid more than I originally wanted, but it was a garage queen (that had been ridden around the yard a few times), and realized I'd probably never find one in that condition again. Don't regret it one bit and I'm sure you won't either!
  9. VTMTcowboy

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Good morning at Carnegie OHV yesterday. Every time I ride the KDX I am reminded how good of a bike it is.
  10. VTMTcowboy

    New Kdx hybrid build

    Sweet looking bike!
  11. VTMTcowboy

    KDX Frankenbike Restoration (Pictures)

    Didn't even realize how old the thread was haha. Just saw it on page 2 of the 2-stroke section and figured I'd give some props a great job.
  12. VTMTcowboy

    New to me 96 KDX200

    The 96 was my favorite year because of the aggressive amount of purple. Love the 90's graphics and color schemes. The purple OEM/NOS is rare, but if you are patient and scour eBay you can normally find a lot of cool stuff. I run Motul 710 @ 32:1. Honestly, just get good quality 2-stroke pre-mix. Everyone has their brands, but at the end of the day they are all solid. BR8ES on the plug. Check out the jetting data base on the first page of this forum. There is a lot of good info to start with there about jetting, oil, etc. Either way, enjoy the KDX!
  13. VTMTcowboy

    KDX 200 Torture Test

    Great video! That guy can rip too!
  14. VTMTcowboy

    KDX Frankenbike Restoration (Pictures)

    Tough luck on the initial buy, but you did an awesome job on the rebuild!!
  15. VTMTcowboy

    Looking at a 2006 KDX200

    I'll echo what other members mentioned, they are great bikes but the asking price is a little high. The H series ran from 95-06, so "newer" doesn't really mean much, condition does. I currently have a 97 220 and a 04 200 and love both bikes equally. They are easy to maintain and are very reliable. Depending on your weight and riding style, you may need to update the front end, but beyond that they are great trail bikes. Keep looking on CL and something will popup, especially if you are willing to drive a little bit! Shipping isn't bad these days either. A good KDX is worth the patience. Good luck!